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The Outlands
The Land, Concordant Opposition

The Outlands, by Derrick Schommer

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Welcome to the Outlands

It's a good plane to begin a tour, cutter, for it's located bang at the centre of the Outer Planes -- a fact which nobody disputes. It borders all the other planes of the Great Ring, touches the Astral, and, it would seem, has Sigil, the City of Doors floating above its heart. If you choose believe the screed, that is.

More is known about the Outlands than many other planes put together, but there are also a great many mysteries to be encountered here. Not least is the Infinite Spire itself, a tapering pillar of dark rock that rises from the flat plains of the Outlands both suddenly and with eyewatering proportions.

The plane itself can be divided into three portions: The Spire, the Gate Towns, and the Hinterlands. The first of these applies to the vast area (called "the Disc" by some locals) radiating out from the Spire. It's here that staunchly neutral communities make their kips, many powers who choose not to choose radical beliefs dwell, and the mysterious grey race of the Outlands hold sway. It's also the largest magic-dead area in the Multiverse, for the Spire apparently draws magic into itself. The closer you are to the Spire, the more magic is affected. This effect weakens until magical powers behave themselves in the second part of the plane...

Clinging to the edges of the Disc are Gate Towns, burgs that perch on the precipice of belief between neutrality and some other philosophy. There's one for each of the Outer Planes, (that's sixteen in all, berk), and all have permanent gates to their respective planes within their walls.

Beyond the ring of gate towns lie the untold mysteries of the Hinterlands. Nobody really knows what they contain, for they have a nasty habit of never being the same twice. Thing is, it's not the churning chaos of Limbo, or the ever-moving revolving discs of Mechanus; the landscape appears perfectly normal. You could walk for years and never see the same thing twice, they say. But turn around, and you're back where you started again. Travellers have told tales of waking in a different place to where they fell asleep, or of cities there that change shape and location hourly. But they also tell of lost civilisations and uncountable riches. Maybe that's why people go there...

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The Outlands

Locations in Infinity

In which we visit dozens of the the numerous burgs that litter the Outlands, learning their eccentricities and perhaps some of their secrets too, and uncover some of the places on the plane too small to be burgs, but large enough to be important, of interest, or a significant danger to the unwary traveller.

PrizewinnerGate Town: Itharin

While most mimirs will tell you chant about the sixteen gate towns on the Outlands only I, the Explorer Mimir Extraordinaire, hold the chant on the seventeenth gate town on the Outlands, Itharin, the gate town to the Astral Plane itself.
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The Spire

In which we uncover chant on the most imposing structure on the Planes; the Infinite Spire. There are as many theories on the Spire as there are cutters with opinions, and this mimir's recorded some of the most illuminating, lucid, revealing, amusing, or downright ridiculous.

Native Sons (and Daughters)

In which are revealed a host of creatures native to the Plane at the Centre, and it's explained what other denizens and visitors a cutter might meet on her travels.

The Plane ScapeOutlands Symbol

In which we catch a glimpse of the full glory of the Outlands, courtesy of a magical illusion-generating device [NB: this function does not work within the fourth ring of the Outlands]...

The Outlands Calendar

In which we discover an account of the months and seasons of the Plane of Balance, helpful to both local and planewalker alike.

The Hinterlands

In which we venture beyond the Known and into the Impossible, courtesy of a few brave souls who dare the Hinterlands and won. Theories on the Hinterlands, rumours of what lies there, and tips on how to avoid trouble if you're foolhardy enough to want to see it for yourself.

The Wild Hunt

In which we the Sage of Everything attempts to reveal the true nature of the Hunt, and offer a concise description of its dwelling place in the wild lands knows as the Stalking Ground.


PrizewinnerTales of the Plane

In which we hear the stories of travellers who've been here first, who've perhaps seen it all before, or never want to see it again.
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The Spire and Psionics

In which is presented optional rules to simulate the draining effect of proximity to the Spire on psionic abilities.

Powers that Be

In which we discuss the myriad of Powers who lay claim to their own little patches of land, their goals and aims, and what not to say if we want to stay in their Good Books rather than the Dead Book.

Locals and Lore

In which we learn of the folk, creatures and powers that inhabit the plane, and how best to approach -- or avoid -- them.
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Copyright 1998 by Jon Winter, art by Jeremiah Golden and Derrick Schommer,
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Special thanks to all the people who entered the August Outlands Contest, in particular the winners Ruin deKaye and Draegarius. The standard of entries was excellent, as I'm sure you'll find as your browse these pages. Special mentions must also go to Belarius, Simson Leigh, and Joshua Jarvis for their consistently good entries. Cheers!

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