Location: Outlands / Ringlands [or Outlands / Discordia ?]

Nestled near Glorium and Sylvania, Kallisti is a burg that embodies the essence of caprice and beauty. The town encircles a mystical orchard grove, home to golden apples guarded by a lively ensemble of pixies and faeries. These apples, central to the burg’s identity, are said to grow only when Sune, the goddess of beauty, is happy.

The atmosphere in Kallisti is one of good-natured whimsy, with a tinge of unpredictable chaos. The inhabitants, passionate and argumentative, add to the burg’s vibrant character. Periodic invasions by bands of bacchae through random portals inject moments of wild revelry and destruction, contributing to the town’s ever-changing landscape, and skyline. Architecturally, Kallisti mirrors its eclectic nature, with buildings and landscapes twisting and turning in eccentric designs, as if shaped by the laughter and whims of its faerie guardians.

The very name of the burg, “for the fairest,” is a nod to an ancient Greek legend, adding a layer of allure to the enchanting place. The golden apples are a literal forbidden fruit, rumoured to bestow youth, beauty, and a lighter mood upon those who partake—though the penalty for doing so is being hurled through a portal into Carceri.

There’s some debate amongst the graybeards about exactly where this burg lies. Some say it’s really in the Cordant Plane of Discordia. Others say it used to be, but slipped into the Outlands and that there’s a gate to Discordia hidden somewhere in the orchard grove; or even that it bounced between the two or exists in both simultaneously somehow. And still others say that’s all barmy nonsense and talk of Cordant Planes is a load of old flam.

Adventure Hooks

  • The Forbidden Fruit: The adventurers are hired to stealthily obtain a golden apple from the guarded grove, ostensibly for a noble purpose. The mission involves navigating the pixie and faerie guardians, dealing with the unpredictable nature of the town, and facing the moral dilemma once they realise they are breaking a sacred law.
  • Bacchae Bedlam: A particularly rowdy band of bacchae has opened a portal that threatens to destabilise the burg. The adventurers must find a way to close the portal and restore order, delving into the depths of Kallisti’s chaotic magic and possibly negotiating with capricious faerie folk.
  • Sune’s Sadness: A sudden withering of the golden apples indicates that Sune is unhappy. The adventurers must embark on a quest to discover the cause of Sune’s sorrow and find a way to restore her happiness, a journey that leads them through planes which challenge their understanding of beauty and happiness.

Source: Chris Nichols and Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net


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