Fortresses of the Ferrumach
Fortresses of the Ferrumach

Fortresses of the Ferrumach

Fortresses of the Ferrumach

Bastion of the Endless Horizon

Situated atop one of the highest peaks in the Ringing Mountains, the Bastion of the Endless Horizon is crafted from clouds solidified into a durable, airy structure. From within, it offers an unobstructed view of the multiverse, symbolising the endless possibilities and perspectives within neutrality.

This fortress champions the idea that understanding and acceptance of diverse viewpoints strengthen the pursuit of balance. It serves as a place of reflection for ferrumachs, encouraging them to see beyond immediate conflicts to the broader cosmic scale.

The aurumachs send ferrumachs from the Bastion of the Endless Horizon to resolve conflicts that require a broad understanding of different cultures and ideologies. Its warriors are diplomats as much as soldiers, skilled in finding common ground among disparate factions. But string enough to bash a berk should the subtle approach not bear fruit.

Stronghold of the Iron Will

Forged deep within a volcano near Glorium, the Stronghold of the Iron Will is built from an alloy known only to the ferrumachs, capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. Its fiery heart mirrors the unbreakable spirit and determination of its inhabitants.

The stronghold embodies the ferrumach conviction that resilience and an unwavering will are essential to maintaining balance. It teaches that even in the face of overwhelming odds, the strength of one’s resolve can tip the scales back to neutrality.

Ferrumachs from the Stronghold of the Iron Will are dispatched by the aurumachs in crises that seem insurmountable. These warriors specialise in turning the tide of battles that have reached a critical point, embodying the fortress’s philosophy of indomitable spirit.

Fortress of Unyielding Resolve

Carved into the heart of a gargantuan tree that stands sentinel over a desolate plain near Sylvania, the Fortress of Unyielding Resolve is hewn from the tree’s iron-like bark.

This fortress embodies the ferrumach tenet that unwavering determination and brute force are sometimes necessary to reestablish equilibrium. It champions the concept that, in the face of imbalance threatening the fabric of the multiverse, the resolve to act decisively and forcefully is paramount.

Aurumachs dispatch the ferrumachs of the Fortress of Unyielding Resolve in situations where diplomatic efforts have faltered and only direct, martial intervention can restore balance. These ferrumachs are the first line of offenCe against burgeoning threats, renowned for their ability to break sieges and dismantle armies that defy the principles of neutrality.

Fortress of Equilibrium

Perched on the edge of a massive, perfectly balanced scale that spans a chasm in the Outlands not far from Automata, the Fortress of Equilibrium is constructed from a rare, chameleonic stone that shifts colour to mirror the ever-changing sky above, meaning it is difficult for a cutter to spot unless you know where to look. Its architecture embodies the ferrumach philosophy of balance, with every tower, hall, and rampart meticulously designed to reflect its counterpart.

This fortress serves as a training ground for ferrumachs to understand and embody physical and metaphysical balance. It teaches that strength is not just in might but in the ability to maintain harmony within oneself and the environment.

The aurumachs deploy ferrumachs from the Fortress of Equilibrium in situations requiring a delicate touch, where brute force must be balanced with strategic restraint. Its warriors are experts in negotiations that teeter on the brink of war, ensuring that neither side gains an overwhelming advantage.

Citadel of the Iron Fist

Rising from the depths of a vast canyon near Torch, the Citadel of the Iron Fist is forged from black iron and surrounded by a moat of molten lava. Its imposing architecture is designed to intimidate, with spires that claw at the sky and walls that absorb light.

The citadel represents the belief that strength and might are the ultimate arbiters in maintaining balance. It teaches its ferrumachs that sometimes peace is achieved through power, and the threat of overwhelming force can deter those who would upset the cosmic order.

In scenarios where a show of strength is required to prevent chaos from spreading, the aurumachs rely on the ferrumachs from the Citadel of the Iron Fist. These warriors are dispatched to quell uprisings and confront entities that seek to dominate or destroy, embodying the fortress’s principle of imposing peace through superior strength.

Bastion of the Thundering March

Constructed on a vast plain overlooking the Hopeless end of Semuanya’s Bog, where thunderstorms are perpetual, the Bastion of the Thundering March is built from storm-forged steel, capable of channeling the tempest’s fury. Its walls resonate with the sound of thunder, mirroring the relentless approach of its inhabitants.

This bastion upholds the notion that the momentum of a unified force is unstoppable and essential in the fight against imbalance. It instills in its ferrumachs the value of unity and the impact of their collective might when directed towards a common goal.

The aurumachs deploy the ferrumachs from this bastion when a swift and overwhelming response is required to dismantle forces of extreme imbalance. These ferrumachs excel in rapid, decisive strikes, often turning the tide of conflict before adversaries can react, embodying the bastion’s ethos of momentum and unity.

Stronghold of Elemental Fury

Suspended above a cenote which contains an elemental rift vortex, the sturdy Stronghold of Elemental Fury is protected by a shield of adamantine. This fortress, near Xaos, harnesses the raw power of the elements, embodying the ferocity of nature itself.

The stronghold believes in harnessing the raw, untamed forces of the multiverse to maintain balance. It teaches that the elemental chaos, when directed with purpose, can be a powerful tool in correcting imbalances that resist more measured approaches.

For situations where elemental or otherworldly disturbances threaten the balance, ferrumachs from the Stronghold of Elemental Fury are mobilized. Their mastery over primal forces means they excel at confronting and neutralising threats that are beyond the scope of conventional interventions, leveraging brute force in harmony with the natural order of the Balance.

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Stat Blocks: AD&D 2e | 5e (see Morte’s Planar Parade) | Pathfinder 2e (tbc)

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