N Greater power of knowledge, fertility, magic [He/Him]

Pantheon: Leader of the Ordning (Giantish Pantheon)

Realm: Outlands (?) / The Hidden Realm

Alright, let’s spin a yarn about Annam, the high-up (in both senses) of the giantish gods—the pantheon they call the Ordning. This cutter’s a real mix-up of smarts and whims, both a thinker and a dreamer, wise in the ways of the multiverse but as selfish as a Fated tax collector on a Taker’s Day. He’s got his head in the clouds, foreseeing what’s to come, but don’t assume he’s always got his boots laced up ready for it.

Annam used to hang his hat in Gudheim, a beauty of a realm up in Ysgard. But this big fellow got tired of keeping an eye on the endless dust-ups and brawls that come with ruling a bunch of hot-headed giant types, and the final straw was when his favourite Prime world was hit by a meteor storm that destroyed his favourite bunch of worshippers. So, he upped sticks to his Hidden Realm in the Outlands. There, in a lonely crystal tower, he’s got this massive clockwork orrery, tracking the steps in the endless dance of the multiverse. They say it’s the closest thing to the perfection he’s after, a bit of peace and quiet away from the clatter and clang of the planes.

But why’d he leg it from Gudheim? Well, the chant goes a few ways. Some bloods reckon he got fed up with the squabbling of his sons, those big lugs never knowing when to call it quits. Others whisper he was dodging the nagging of his concubines, or maybe nursing a broken heart ’cause he couldn’t find a missus who matched up to his standards. And then there’s the dark about him licking his wounds after a scrap with Memnor, that no-good evil giant god. Maybe it’s all of the above. And after creating the entire cosmos, as all these pantheon leader types claim to do, a berk’s entitled to a few millennia of well-earned rest? So, there’s Annam for you—a brainy, moody old god, sitting in his crystal tower, spinning his orrery, and trying to make sense of the great, barmy multiverse. 

Recommended Reading:

Canonical Sources:

  • Dragon Magazine #343 p89 (Annam as a divine sorcerery patron)
  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p175 (mention in table)
  • Player’s Primer to the Outlands [2e] p29
  • Planescape Campaign Setting: Sigil & Beyond [2e] p18

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