The Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, the Deep Silence. N intermediate power of mining, exploration

Pantheon: Dwarven Mordinsamman

Symbol: Gem in a mountain

Realm: Outlands / Ringlands / The Dwarven Mountain / Deepshaft Hall

Known Proxies: Chiselhands Renox (dwarf fighter proxy [she/her] / N)

Deep in the heart of the Dwarven Mountain lies Deepshaft Hall, the realm of Dumathoin the silent guardian of the deep places. He’s the patron of those stoutest of folk who dare to delve deep into the dark heart of the Outlands, seeking its most well-hidden treasures. Dumathoin is the flickering light up ahead in the shadowy tunnel, the hand that guides the pick and shovel, and the primal drive in the dwarven psyche to always dig just that little bit further.

Dumathoin’s philosophy is all about the sanctity of the hidden and the precious. He teaches his followers to seek the beauty in discovery, to chisel with respect for the natural contours of the deeps. It’s not just about what you find, but how you find it and what you do with it that counts. The beauty’s in the uncovering, the crafting, not just the holding.

Deepshaft Hall itself is realm carved from the cold, dark embrace of the chthonic underground, a network of tunnels and chambers where the air is thick with the promise of discovery. This ain’t no place for the faint of heart. The air down here is stale, and the work is hard, but for those with the spirit of exploration beating in their chests, it’s a paradise.  Down in Deepshaft, it’s about the work, the discovery. But don’t think it’s all toil and trouble; there’s joy in the finding, in the unearthing of gems and ores that have waited an eternity to feel the kiss of air.

A word of warning to the unwary—Deepshaft’s got its dangers, lying so close to Ilsensine’s Caverns of Thought. Wander the wrong tunnel, and you might find yourself lost in realms best left unexplored. It’s a place of subtle and unmarked dangers, where the wrong turn could lead to an eternity of regret. The dwarves have dug deep here, so deep that there are interdicted passages that lead to the Underlands, Pandemonium or worse, the Abyss. These passages are marked, but make sure you’re up to date with your Dwarven runes or you might miss an important warning sign.

Among the denizens of Deepshaft, Chiselhands Renox stands tall(ish); a miner whose talent for finding the heart’s blood of the mountain is unrivalled. Granted the power to sense precious metals and the secrets of Dumathoin’s hidden caches, she’s a living legend, a beacon of Dumathoin’s favour, and his most vocal proxy. In fact, considering Dumathoin has never been known to speak, Renox is the main herald of the faith.

Canonical Source: Planescape Campaign Setting: Sigil & Beyond [2e] p36-39, a much more detailed entry on the realm here, well worth checking out. 


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