Dugmaren Brightmantle
Dugmaren Brightmantle

Dugmaren Brightmantle

Dugmaren Brightmantle

The Gleam in the Eye. CG lesser power of scholarship, inventions discovery (He/Him)

Pantheon: Dwarvish Mordinsamman

Symbol: An open book

Realm: Outlands / Ringlands / The Dwarven Mountain / Soot Hall

Known Proxies: Weilana Tunag (proxy female dwarf rogue [she/her] /CG)

So here’s the dark on one of the most unique powers in the Mordinsamman—the dwarvish pantheon—Dugmaren Brightmantle. Unlike virtually all of his dwarven brothers, he ain’t a sternfaced, hammer-clanging deity. No, Dugmaren’s the embodiment of chaos and curiosity among the stout folk, a true patron of those with a thirst for the unknown and the unmade.

Imagine a power so in love with the spark of invention that he’s as likely to blow up his own divine workshop as he is to create something that’ll turn the multiverse on its ear. That’s Dugmaren for you. He’s got this insatiable hunger for knowledge, not for hoarding it like some miser with his gold, but for the sheer joy of discovery, of pushing the boundaries of what’s known and diving headfirst into the next mystery.

His realm, Soot Hall is deep within the heart of the Dwarven Mountain. It’s not decked out in finery or laden with the spoils of conquest. No, this place is alive with the sound of innovation. Libraries packed to the brim with tomes and scrolls on every subject under the planes, workshops where the air’s thick with soot from the ceaseless clatter of creation – that’s where Dugmaren’s heart truly lies. It’s not just the air that sooty—everything in this realm is covered in a thick layer of the black stuff. Lets just say Dugmaren ain’t one for spring cleaning.

And his petitioners, by Moradin’s beard, they’re a sight to behold. Granted unending endurance by Dugmaren himself, these stout-hearted souls labour day and night, fuelled by inspiration and the divine drive to make the next big discovery. They’re not content with the tried and true; no, they’re the ones who look at an axe and see the potential for the Mechanical Rotating Wagonwheel of Doom. They’re the essence of Dugmaren’s spirit, always moving, always creating the next exploding thing.

Among these industrious sods stands Weilana Tunag, a proxy of Dugmaren and a marvel in her own right. She’s a dwarf with shoulders as broad as the gates of the Great Foundry and hands that can dance across the anvil with the finesse of a master artisan. She embodies Dugmaren’s dual nature of strength and precision, capable of crafting wonders that’d make Tvashtri pause in his tracks. Granted the same endless vigour as the petitioners, she’s a continuous whirlwind of activity, her mind as sharp as the tools at her belt.

For any cutter with lungs string enough to survive the halls of Soot Hall, know this: it’s a place where the air buzzes with potential, and every corner holds the promise of a new discovery. But don’t think you can wander in with idle hands or a closed mind. In this Hall, the only currency worth anything is your ingenuity and your willingness to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Canonical Source: Planescape Campaign Setting: Sigil & Beyond [2e] p36-39, a much more detailed entry on the power and his realm here, well worth checking out. 

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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