The City of Doors

That most bizarre city; the place which is at the centre of the Multiverse, and at the same time some place outside it. If this don’t make sense to you, then that’s most likely a Good Thing. Berks who reckon they understand the paradoxes of the planes end up barmy faster than the rest of us. Just nod, smile amiably, and accept you’ll never grasp the dark. It’s the safest way.

You want to know the truth of what Sigil really is? Better be prepared to ask around, berk! It’s a cert that any ten bloods you ask will come up with eleven different stories. To save you the trouble, there’s several dozen stored in this here mimir. Pick the one you like best and hold it dear, ’cause it’s as true as any other…

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See Sigil’s Philosophical Calendar for more details…

The Mimir Speaks of Sigil

“Sigil. The Cage. The City of Doors. The Burg at the Centre of All. The Nexus. The Beginning of the Ring. These are some of the many names given to the Burg at the Confluence of the Planes. It’s an impossible place, floating at the top of an infinite Spire at the centre of the Outlands. It can be seen from anywhere on the plane, but it can only be reached through one of the portals created by its ruler, the Lady of Pain. It’s therefore as easy or as hard to find as She wills.

“Sigil is a city unlike any other. It is divided into six wards, though the boundaries are not marked on any map. Here are the headquarters of the factions, the greatest temples, the toughest bloods and the most diverse mixture of races in the Planes. The Cage is in a constant state of war, though blood is rarely shed openly. Instead it is a war of intrigue and politics, the kriegstanz, where allegiances change faster than the weather. The burg is also said to be filled with those seeking to escape their fates, as no Power can step, or even look within the city.

“To learn more, travel there. More portals lead to the Cage than any other place. Touts, or guides, can be found there who will show a traveller where to go, and where not to go. Pay them well if you like your information to be accurate.”

Cage Chant

Brix’s Guide to Sigil

Being the Mimir of the Planewalking Mephit Brix, who has Catalogued Many and Various Diverse Locations in Sigil and their Proprietors

Concordance of Sigil

Being an Exhaustive, Searchable and Sortable List of All Things Sigil

Factioneer opinions on the City of Doors

Planewalkers speak about their theories of the Cage

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