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The Xaosmen were one of the more misunderstood factions in the Cage. Even by themselves. How can you understand a philosophy that espouses randomness, chance and all-or-nothing chaos? Well, the water perhaps ain’t as murky as it might seem. I’ve persuaded a Xaosman friend of mine, Zoaster, to slip you the chant about what he believes the faction represents, and of course, there’s the story of Varpar Hogar, a case study in the blurry line between law and chaos.

My subjects mightn’t be the randomest around, but then who needs another few minutes of scramblespeak anyway? It ain’t like anyone really understands it…including the factioneers, I reckon. See the puzzled look on their faces? They haven’t a clue. No wonder they’re all half barmy…just think, you’ve got to keep up the pretence of understanding it because none of ’em want to admit they haven’t the faintest idea what they’re talking about. Or so the chant I’ve heard goes…

So if you called up the Xaosmen on this mimir expecting a load of old gibberish, to disappoint sorry you cutter, someone mimir elses’s try perhaps.

If you were a dog, what kind of shoes
do you think I should wear? Well?!

Xaositect factioneer

Faction Headquarters

  • The HiveWhile the Xaositects are no longer an official ascendant faction, remnants of the group do still exist in random pockets of the Hive Ward. Many other members however joined the Hands of Havoc.


  • Varpar HogarWho goes Left by going Right, and ends up in the Same Place nonetheless

Coteries of the Xaositects

  • The Reactionariesfor each Reactionary in the Xaositects, there seems to be one in the Guvners

Philosophy by Numbers

  • Finding Sense in ChaosEver wondered if there was any method behind the faction’s madness? Well, a semiologist factioneer named Zoaster would like to set you straight: There is.
  • Why are you a Xaositect?Confused as to why any sane cutter’d want to join this faction? Wonder no more. I’ve interviewed some rational Xaosmen and it seems it ain’t just all random fancy.

Movers and Shakers

  • Lokitar’s ColumnA bizarre and potentially dangerous legacy of some barmy Xaosman? Better find out all about it before you happen to pay it a visit…

Indeps are non-conformists, Signers are the centre of the Multiverse,
Ciphers never think, us, well, we’re…uhm…hey look, a dog…
Bark! Bark! haha look at it run! hehehe….

—The same cutter, moments later

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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