Never Leave Home Without It
Never Leave Home Without It

Never Leave Home Without It

Never Leave Home Without It

Never Leave Home Without It is a remarkable burg indeed, quite unlike any other in the planes. It’s a walking village, a roving bastion of kindness and justice, helmed by the aasimar paladin Angelica the Incorruptible, and her mother, a renowned retired warrior from the Prime world of Krynn. This marvel of engineering and magic strides across the Outlands and occasionally ventures into the first layer of Arcadia and the Beastlands, mainly when Angelica is on a proselytising mission to spread the will of her patron power, Torm.

The castle’s legs, a triumph of gnomish design, support its massive structure as it traverses the varied terrains of the planes. The blend of technology and enchantment is evident in every aspect of the castle’s design, from the smoothly operating mechanical legs to the powerful magical enchantments that allow it to penetrate planar barriers.

The lower courtyard of the castle is a bustling burg in itself, with small shops catering to the needs of the castle’s inhabitants and visitors. The atmosphere within is welcoming and warm, reflecting the benevolence of its ruler. Angelica, known for her enlightened approach to reformation and redemption, offers shelter and a chance for a new beginning to those down on their luck. Her views are partially shaped by her experiences with her adopted cambion brother, KatClaw, highlighting her belief in the potential for good in all beings.

Adventure Hooks:

  • The Gnomish Contraption: Angelica seeks skilled adventurers to retrieve a rare component needed to maintain the mechanical legs of the castle. The journey leads the party into a labyrinth of ancient gnome ruins, filled with ingenious traps and forgotten technology.
  • Planar Pursuit: A malevolent force has disrupted the magical enchantments of the castle, causing it to veer off course into a dangerous plane. The adventurers must navigate these perilous realms to restore the enchantments and guide the castle back to safety.
  • The Cambion’s Secret: KatClaw, Angelica’s adopted cambion brother, is accused of a crime he claims he didn’t commit. The adventurers must unravel a complex plot that spans several planes to prove his innocence and uncover the true culprit.

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