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The Land of Eternal Bliss, The Plane of Passions

You Hear a Lot of Weird Things about Arborea. They’re all True.

Arborea’s a place most bashers long to visit, but don’t even realise why. Some say Arborea’s the birthplace of emotions, and that chant might well be the truth: Travellers there feel everything so much more vividly. The Elves and the Greeks, headstrong cutters all, make their kips here; not forgetting the Eladrin, of course…now they’re passionate bloods, for sure!

Arborea is also the plane of legend, myth and folk tales. It’s where the bravest heroes live (and die), and it’s home to the fiercest of monsters. If you believe the screed, that is.

Surely then, it’s no surprise that it’s also the plane that the Sensates have chosen to establish their headquarters. Arborea is rich with visual, audible, and tactile experiences, let alone the taste and smell of the place. Truth is, a Lot of Cutters find Arborea Difficult to Look at!

See, the plane has this strange density to it, which makes it seem more real than the ‘normal’ reality of the Outer Planes. That effect is compounded in Primes. That’s probably the reason they’re so prone to writing stories featuring heroes of the place. 

Layer the First: Arvandor—Olympus

The Ardent Frontier of Arvandor/Olympus is one of plains and mountains, forests and savannah, valley and sea. Everything here is larger than life, emotions and coloured amped up to the next level. It’s the plane of Olympian quests, and the Deep Magic of the ancient elves. It’s a place of meddling powers, of mythology written large, and timeless history interacting with the present. It’s a plane where passions run wild, where every tree bears fruit and every plant flowers. It’s the plane of epic stories written large.

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Layer the Second: Ossa—Aquallor

The Dauntless Frontier of Aquallor/Ossa is a place of exploration, voyage and maritime quests. It’s a sea of pirates and beasts, where there be monsters in the blank spaces of the maps. There are cities of merfolk, lost floating islands of legendary magic, defended by fearsome creatures. The spirit of discovery drives this layer, and the plane itself plays tricks on cartographers to keep them on their toes. It’s a plane that embodies the concept that life is a daring adventure, or nothing.

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Layer the Third: Mithardir—Pelion

The Nostalgic Frontier of Mithardir/Pelion is a barren desert of white sands with mysterious ruins. It’s a manifestation of dungeon quests, of the thrill of unearthing buried treasures, and the re-discovery of the secrets of once-great civilisations. It’s a warning that with great power comes great risk, and that a civilisation which forgets its history is doomed to repeat the same mistakes and fall. It’s the plane of romanticised history, but also of the dangers of doing this.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt, Alex Roberts and Paul Nasrat

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