Moradin’s Anvil
Moradin’s Anvil

Moradin’s Anvil

Moradin’s Anvil, the Dwarven Mountain

Urzak, the triple realm of Dumathoin, Vergadain and Dugmaren Brightmantle

Location: Outlands / Ringlands spireward of Glorium

Alright cutter, lean in close, ’cause what I’m about to spin’s a yarn about the most clangorous, smoke-filled, and downright industrious realm in surely all the planes—the triple realm of Moradin’s Anvil, or Urzak as the dwarves apparently call it. This ain’t no place for the faint-hearted or those who can’t stand the sound of a hammer striking anvil from dusk till dawn, which by the by, you won’t find down here anyway, the dwarves work all hours.

This underground realm’s a celebration of all things dwarven—toiling, crafting, and of course, merrymaking in the belly of the earth. It’s where sweat is the stale perfume of labour, and the hypnotic clang of metal is the music of the spheres. The triple realm is carved out of the very essence of dwarven pride, and split with an axe to share amongst three mighty powers of the Mordinsamman (the Dwarven Pantheon): Vergadain, Dugmaren Brightmantle, and Dumathoin. Each of these bloods have got their own slice of this stony paradise, reflecting their divine specialties and dwarven obsessions.

The Three Halls

Strongale Hall: Nearest the surface you’ve got Strongale Hall, where the bub flows as freely as the gold. It’s a gambler’s haven, where fortunes are made and lost on the turn of a card, or toss of an axe. Here, Vergadain’s playful spirit shines, welcoming all who wish to try their luck or drown their sorrows in a flagon of the finest bub. Well… mainly it’s just dwarves… but so long as you don’t have giant blood running through your veins, other races are just about tolerated. Especially if they come bearing coin and don’t seem to know how to gamble—then the welcome is as warm as a forge. There’s another bit of chant about this place that may or may not be flam; apparently some tout’s been spouting that somewhere in the back tunnels of Strongale Hall there’s a gate to a place called Discordia. The chant goes that it’s one of the ‘Planes of Cordance‘ but frankly I’m doubtful; I never heard of such a thing.

Soot Hall: Next up, or perhaps down, is Soot Hall, the heart of dwarven invention and discovery. This hall is under Dugmaren’s watchful eye. This place is covered in soot thicker than a shadow fiend’s shadow on the Plane of Shadow, with workshops and libraries crammed into every nook. If you’ve got a mind for creation or a thirst for knowledge, this is where you’d want to be, albeit amidst the ceaseless din of industry. Let’s hope you’re not too distracted by the almost deafening levels of noise.

Deepshaft Hall: Lastly and deepestly, we delve into Deepshaft, the coldest, darkest depths of the Dwarven Mountain overseen by Dumathoin. It’s here the realm’s precious ores and gems are hewn from the rock by those who value their pickaxe as much as the air they breathe. This is not a place for the casual wanderer; the air’s thick with smog and miners’ breath, and the paths down here are as twisted and dark as a fiend’s heart.

Life in the Realm

For a visiting basher, there’s plenty to see and do, assuming you can stomach the locals’ less-than-lukewarm welcome. The dwarves here see outsiders as… well, Outsiders. But if you’ve got a strong arm and a stronger liver, you might just earn their respect. And if you can’t, then you should probably stick to visiting Ironridge, the surface burg nearby that’s a little less unwelcoming to non-dwarves.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a gambler? Strongale Hall’s where you’ll want to be, betting your boots and maybe winning something grand. If invention and crafting call to you, Soot Hall offers endless opportunities to learn and create. Just mind the soot; it gets everywhere. And for those with a taste for adventure, or maybe just a death wish, Deepshaft Hall’s twisting tunnels and hidden treasures might call your name. Just be sure to hire a guide, lest you end up lost or worse, Lost. Remember, cutter, this realm’s got its quirks. Each hall abides by its own set of laws, and piking off the locals is a surefire way to end up in the dead-book. Respect the customs, don’t be a cross-trader or a free-loader, and you might just find the Dwarven Mountain to be a most rewarding realm.

Canonical Source: Planescape Campaign Setting: Sigil & Beyond [2e] p36-39, a much more detailed entry on the realm here, well worth checking out. Thanks to Aaron Masters for help with the dwarven language too. The Manual of the Planes [5e] calls this realm ‘Moradin’s Anvil’, which is a much better name than the 2e ‘Dwarven Mountain.’

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