Fraternity of Order
Fraternity of Order

Fraternity of Order

The Fraternity of Order

One Good Law Deserves Another

For the Guvners, Sigil’s lawmaking faction, there could never be enough rules. Laws, they reckon, give a body structure in life, telling them what they can, can’t, shouldn’t and should do in any given situation. They remove the problematic tasks of decision-making and moral quandaries. “If everyone followed Our Laws,” they say, “the Multiverse would run smooth and sweet.”

It ain’t all blind obedience and compulsion, though. See, if a cutter figures out the natural Laws of the Multiverse too, then he’ll not only understand how to follow them better, but he’ll also know what loopholes exist. Some Guvners have discovered and exploited these loopholes, granting them strange and useful powers, like magic, but not. One factor’s reportedly able to open his own portals, another can slip into the Astral Plane at will…

‘Course, all this provokes howls of laughter from Xaositects who’re watching closely. “The Guvners only study Laws so they know how to break them!” they shout. Fraternity factioneers are quick, perhaps too quick, to deny this, of course — that would be bad publicity…

“You may do one of three things:
One: Surrender.
Two: Die.
Three: Renounce your beliefs.”

—Guvner, to a cornered Anarchist

 “Four: This!”

—The Anarchist, swinging his sword

Faction Headquarters

  • The City Courtswhere the Full Force of the Law is Applied to Criminals

Movers and Shakers

  • Jimmy Stitches — Who dangles from Puppet strings, and Knows far more laws than he’s Telling
  • Factol Hashkar’s ProverbsBeing a Collection of Factol Hashkar’s more easily-remembered Proverbs Concerning Life on the Planes



  • The Players — If the multiverse is a game then are we just pawns?
  • The LiteralistsPurity of Law ain’t the only thing bothering these Guvners—they’re aiming for purity of language too

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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