All will be Dust

The Sinkers are a funny bunch, and no screed. And by that I mean funny in the brain-box, not funny haha, cutter. They claim that the Multiverse is in a constant state of decay; things are wearing down and breaking; life grinds itself to a halt. Maybe they’ve got a point…just count the number of civilisations that’ve brought destruction to themselves after growing too large…the Blood War to name but one (though a cutter who called the fiends “civilised” would need his brain-box looking at).

The Doomguard, then, revel in the falling down, and rather than try to prevent things collapsing they cherish it in all its forms; decay, rust, corruption. You’d think that they’d also support the Anarchists’ incessant demands for the dismantling of the factions (after all, that’s entropy ain’t it), but, curiously, the Sinkers ain’t keen on the idea. Maybe they ain’t the selfless philosophers I’ve painted them to be…

“..rotten fiend..”

— Planar merchant

“Why, thank you!”

— Sinker tiefling

Philosophy by Numbers

Flavours of Entropy

A Precis of the Three Main Fractions of Thought within the Doomguard; Regulators, Sinkers and Destroyers

The Road to Ruin

Being an Examination of what it Really Means to Increase Entropy

Coteries of the Doomguard

Despite the seemingly ordered structure of the Doomguard as an organization (three schools of thought, seven distinct ranks), the faction wouldn’t be living up to its own philosophy if that’s all there was to it’s political structure. Within the overall umbrella of the Doomguard, there are numerous power groups that exist. Some are attempting to redefine the beliefs and goals of the faction; others are merely content to act upon their own version of the Doomguard’s goals without a care for whether or not they affect the faction as a whole. Some of these power groups are composed entirely of members of one fraction or another; others cut across such philosophical differences in the interest of a common goal. 

The Etchers

Who are Artistic Sculptors of Decay

The Speakers of All

Who seek to Cause the End Times by Speaking All the Names of the Powers

The Society of Capricious Law

Who Say that Laws Stem from Chaos, and Seek to Predict Planar Calamities using Chaos-Born Formulae

The Sifters

Who Seek to Find that which was Burnt to Ashes before its Time

The Harbingers

Who Seek to Propagate Doomsday Cults across the Unsuspecting Prime

The Diachronics

Who Create Entropy in Language One Word at a Time

The Razers

Who Seek to Burn it All to the Ground!

“One hundred kips all lined in a row,
one hundred kips in a line,
take an axe, some oil and a match,
ninety nine kips lined in a row”

—Doomguard Drinking Song  

The Doomguard Organisation

Ashes to Ashes

Being a Brief History of the Doomguard Faction

Within the Ranks

On Becoming a Doomguard and Rising through the Faction

Movers and Shakers

Factol Pentar, in which is described a Brief History of Factol Pentar of the Doomguard

Bendon Mawl, the Mysterious Doomlord High-Up whose Goals are as Hidden as his Face

Doomlord Pereid, the Masked High-Up of the Dusty Doomguard Citadel Alluvius

The Nernstroms

Jazvid, the Lower Planar diplomat of the Doomguard

Jaranda, the tyrant of Gallowsgate

Ely Cromlich, the Master of the Forges

Saskia, the toilmisteress of an Abyssal mining town

Karnacki the Quick, an Agent of Graz’zt or is that a Double Agent of the Doomguard

The Sign of Zero, Who Imagines Things Away

The Entropic Champions

Tbd when the negative quai-elemental planes are added.

The Knights of Decay, Being a Collection of the Doomguard Knights of Decay

The Doomsoldiers & the Doomguards, being a Collection of the Footsoldiers of the Doomguard Faction

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