Balance of the Scales, the Silver Master. LN intermediate power of wealth, freedom, commerce (She/Her)

Pantheon: Krynnish

Symbol: A griffons wing

Realm: Outlands / Ringlands / Marketplace Eternal / The Scales of Wealth

Known Proxies: None known

Let me spin you the chant about Shinare, the Krynnish power whose hymns are the haggle of the marketplace. This lady of the ledger sits at the heart of commerce, weaving a web of deals and partnerships with a hand as steady as the scales she’s known for. In the Outlands, her shared realm, the Marketplace Eternal, is a bazaar brimming with every trinket and treasure you could dream up, and Shinare’s quarter, the Scales of Wealth, well, it’s a jewel in that crown.

Now, Shinare, she’s a bit of a paradox, she is. Lawful to the core, she doesn’t fuss much over what’s traded under her watch—be it swords or souls, it’s all the same to her, so long as the scales balance out and the trade is fair in the end. She’s got a soft spot for the wheelers and dealers, the movers and shakers who grease the wheels of industry and keep the coins a-flowin’. But don’t think her heart’s as cold as a coin—no, she champions the community, urging that trade and toil should lift all boats, not just the gilded yachts.

Her temple’s doors swing wide for all manner of commerce, even those that’d might make a body’s skin crawl. The hiring of blades for blood, the sale of weapons to fiends, even the slave trade; it’s all part of the grand bazaar for Shinare. But let there be no misunderstanding—cross her laws on the sanctity of trade, dip into theft or trickery, and you’ll find yourself on the sharp end of her divine displeasure.

Shinare’s got herself tangled in a tempestuous dance with Sirrion, the fire god, a union of pragmatism and passion, of wealth and whimsy. Together, they spin the wheel of fortune, though their love’s as unpredictable as the market itself. And while she’s no treant-hugger like Chislev, nor a coin-clutcher like Hiddukel, Shinare’s got her allies and her enemies, all moving on the chessboard of divine politics.

As for her visage, Shinare can be as varied as the goods in her markets—from a rotund merchant dripping with opulence to a spry vendor whose eyes sparkle with the promise of fortune. She’s a goddess who knows the value of a good disguise, whether it be to close a deal or to teach a mortal the virtues of hard work and honest trade.


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