NG demipower of fertility, abundance, wealth, material possessions (She/Her)

Pantheon: Celtic (Gaulish)

Realm: Outlands / Ringlands / Marketplace Eternal / Cornucopia

Rosmerta is the Celtic demipower of fertility, abundance, and wealth. As the goddess of material possessions and prosperity, she is more outward-looking than many of the insular Celtic powers, and shares the realm of Marketplace Eternal with several other powers of trade and wealth from a diversity of pantheons. Her quarter is called Cornucpia, and celebrated the bounty of the harvest and the wealth of the earth in a bustling market the specialises in foodstuffs and drawn customers from around the multiverse. This also places her in a unique position to gather information and understand what’s happening all around the planes, and she frequently brings back valuable darks for the Daghda and his court.

While Rosmerta’s realm is in the Marketplace, wherever she roams, she is surrounded by bountiful harvests, abundant orchards and endless prosperity. Streams bubble with pure water when she is near, and the air is filled with the sweet earthy scent of ripe produce and fresh growth.

Her influence extends to both the physical and the spiritual aspects of wealth and fertility. Her visitations ensure that the land is not only rich in resources but also that its inhabitants enjoy prosperity and well-being. She might be seen moving through Tir na Og, a gracious and generous figure, bestowing blessings of wealth and fertility wherever she goes.

Rosmerta is frequently linked with Lugh, one of the Tuatha de Danann who is also often out of Tir na Og on business. As a companion of Lugh,  together they embody a harmonious balance of prosperity and skill, weaving their powers to ensure the well-being of their followers.

Rosmerta’s followers and petitioners include farmers, merchants, and those who seek material success. They honour her through offerings and rituals that symbolise wealth and abundance, seeking her favour to ensure their prosperity. Celebrations in her honour involve feasts and exchanges of gifts, symbolising the generosity and abundance she represents.

Canonical Source: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p72 (brief mention)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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