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Ysgard — Layer the First

The Land of the Brave, Hero’s Triumph

Battle, fight, struggle, win! That’s the theme of this place: the freedom of going solo, and the glory that the struggle brings. The Norse Pantheon lives and dies here, at least if you believe their legend-to-be of Ragnarok. They say the end of the multiverse’ll begin here. That’s as maybe, but in the meantime there’s plenty of adventure to be had here, if you’re brave enough to leap to it…

The first layer of Ysgard, called Gladsheim by some primes but Ysgard by those in the know, is a surreal realm where rivers of rock stretch across the sky. These earthbergs range in size from boulders to continents containing oceans. Since gravity on the plane applies, the earthbergs all have a top side, where vegetation and water can be found, and an underside, where the bergs burn with fire and magma. There are many of these earth rivers in all directions, and the fires from one flickering high in the skies of the rivers below. Ysgard is the domain of the Norse powers, where both the houses of the Æsir and Vanir can be found. It’s a plane of monsters and stories, of valiant battles and hearty celebrations. Ysgard embodies the idea that courage is not the absence of fear, but triumph over it.

Locations of Ysgard

  • Alfheim (realm of the Ysgardian elves)
    • Frey’s Hall (hall of Frey)
    • High Grove (site)
    • Xeno’s Tower (site)
  • Asgard (realm of the Æsir)
    • Aegirsholm (realm of Ægir)
      • Hlesvang (hall of Ægir)
    • Breidbalik (hall of Baldur)
    • Eostre’s Pastures (site)
    • Fensalir (hall of Frigga)
    • Gimli (hall of beauty)
    • Gladsheim (communal hall)
    • Glitnir (hall of Forseti)
    • Himinbjorg (realm town)
    • Lake Amsvartnir (site)
      • Lyngvi Island (site)
      • River Von (site)
    • Lake Kaltenvir (site)
    • Lake Schon (site)
    • Orchard Hall (hall of Bragi and Idun)
    • Rivers Iving and Thund (site)
    • Rowan’s Hall (hall of the Fated)
    • Plain of Ida (site)
    • Plain of Vigrid (site)
    • Thing (site)
    • Thrudheim (realm of Thor and Sif)
      • Bilskirnir Hall (hall of Thor and Sif)
    • Valaskjalf (hall of Odin and Frigga)
      • Hlidskjaslf (throne of Odin)
    • Valhalla (hall of Odin)
    • Vidi (hall of Víðarr)
    • Vingolf (communal hall)
    • Wayland’s Smithy (site)
  • Cuiraécen’s Festhall (realm of Cuiraécen)
  • Do As You Would Be Done By (independent burg)
  • Fortunes of War (realm of Karttikeya)
  • Gates of the Moon (realm of Selune and Soma)
  • Hangman’s Tree (independent burg)
  • Jormundgandr (planar pathway)
  • Jotunheim (realm of Surtr and Thrym)
    • Meerrauk (hall of Surtr)
    • Okalnir (hall of Brimir)
    • Utgard (hall of Utgard-Loki)
    • Well of Mimir (site)
  • Kenyama (realm of O-Kuni-Nushi and Hachiman)
  • Merratet (realm of Bast / Sharess)
    • Bresiris (city of Dreaming Death)
    • Eowr (lammasu burg)
    • Rummm (realm town)
  • Netaph (realm of Anhur)
  • The Orchard of Immortality (realm of Shou Hsing)
  • Plains of the Fallen (realm of Kord)
  • Safe Harbour (realm of Valkur)
  • Seelie Court (wandering realm)
  • Shaunidaur (realm of Shaundakul)
  • Skeinheim (Ring-Giver burg)
    • Circle Hall (hall of the factol)
  • Soul of Music (realm of Branchala)
  • Steadfast (bariaur burg)
  • Uthgardtheim (realm of Uthgar)
  • Vanaheim (shared realm of the Vanir)
    • Folkvang (site)
    • Noatun (hall of Njord)
    • Skidbladnir (ship of Frey)
    • Smoke-Top (mountain)
    • Starry Night (site)
    • Sussrumnir (hall of Freya)
    • Ydalir (realm of Ullr)
  • Vigrid (future battlefield of Ragnarok)
  • Winesong (realm of Olidammara)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Ysgard

  • Norse Pantheon (Æsir)
    • Ægir (Jötunn power of the sea)
    • Baldur (Norse power of beauty)
    • Bragi (Norse power of poetry)
    • Fenris (Norse wolf of legend)
    • Forseti (Norse power of justice)
    • Frey (Norse power of prosperity)
    • Freya (Norse power of love)
    • Frigga (Norse power of marriage)
    • Heimdall (Norse power of guardianship)
    • Hel (Norse power of the dead) [dwells in Niflheim, Gray Waste]
    • Hermod (Norse messenger power and psychopomp)
    • Höðr (Norse power of darkness) [exiled to Nidavellir]
    • Iðunn (Norse power of youth)
    • Loki (Norse power of mischief)
    • Magni (Norse power of strength)
    • Modi (Norse power of berserkers)
    • Nanna (Norse power of motherhood)
    • Odin (Norse power of wisdom; pantheon leader)
    • Sif (Norse power of excellence)
    • Thor (Norse power of thunder)
    • Tyr (Norse and Faerûnian power of justice)
    • Valkyries, the (Norse powers of fallen heroes)
    • Váli (Norse power of vengeance)
    • Víðarr (Norse power of strength)
  • Norse Pantheon (Vanir)
    • Frey (Norse power of prosperity)
    • Freya (Norse power of love)
    • Njord (Norse power of sea winds; chief of the Vanir)
    • Ullr (Norse power of archery)
  • Aerdrie Faenya (Elven power of the air)
  • Anhur (Egyptian power of war)
  • Bast / Sharess (Egyptian / Faerûnian power of cats)
  • Branchala (Krynnish power of music)
  • Cuiraécen (Cerilian power of battle)
  • Hachiman (Japanese power of war)
  • Karttikeya (Vedic power of war)
  • Kord (Oerdian power of combat)
  • O-Kuni-Nushi (Japanese power of sorcery)
  • Olidammara (Oerdian power of trickery)
  • Selûne (Faerûnian power of the moon)
  • Shaundakul (Faerûnian power of exploration)
  • Shou Hsing (Chinese power of long life)
  • Soma (Vedic power of the moon)
  • Surtr (Jötunn power of fire giants)
  • Syranita (Asathalfinare power of aarakocra)
  • Thrym (Jötunn power of frost giants)
  • Uthgar (Faerûnian power of strength, aspect of Tempus)
  • Valkur (Faerûnian power of sailors)

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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