Warrior’s Friend, Silver Hand. N greater power of warriors, kings (He/Him)

Pantheon: Celtic (Tuatha de Danann)

Symbol: Silver hand on a black background

Realm: Outlands / Tir na Og / Mag Tuireadh

Known Proxies: None

Nuada, known as the Warrior’s Friend and Silver Hand, is the power of kings and warriors, his symbol—a silver hand on a black background—speaks to both his prowess and his resilience. Nuada’s story is one of triumph over adversity, a theme that resonates deeply within the warrior spirit.

His tale begins in the early days of the Tuatha De Danann, during their struggle for recognition. Nuada, leading the charge against the giant-kin, suffered a grievous injury, losing his right hand in battle. This setback, however, was turned into an advantage by the healer Diancecht, who fashioned for Nuada a hand of silver. This new hand was not only a replacement but an enhancement, granting Nuada even greater strength and ability. Chant goes that with this silver hand, Nuada successfully drove the firbolgs and fomorians from the part of the Outlands that became Tir na Og.

Nuada’s realm is Mag Tuireadh, also known as the Plain of Pillars. This realm is a vast, flat expanse of short grass dotted with towering menhirs and standing stones, wreathed in an obscuring ethereal mist. These pillars are believed to be guardians of his realm, each containing the spirit of one of Nuada’s favourite warriors. Legend states that they will come to life to defend Mag Tuireadh against invaders. Whether they are related to the mysterious Drifting Stones of the Outlands is another question that the grey-beards have yet to answer.

At the heart of Mag Tuireadh lies a sprawling hall with a central room housing a stone throne meant only for Nuada or his rightful heir. Nuada’s search for a successor has been long and fruitless. He believes that finding an heir will allow him to progress to the next stage of his existence, a transition that seems to be intertwined with the essence of his realm. Nuada’s connection with his petitioners is profound. His essence is so deeply ingrained in Mag Tuireadh that worthy petitioners merge with his power immediately upon arrival, while the unworthy are cast out, never to return.

Interestingly, Nuada has no proxies, a rarity for a deity of his stature. His alliances and enmities among other powers remain largely unknown, except for his legendary animosity towards the giant-kin. This aversion is so strong that if anyone with giantish blood enters Mag Tuireadh, the menhirs mobilize to exact Nuada’s vengeance.

Canonical Source:

  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p70,74-75,172 (full description)

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