The Plane of Chance

Planelette of the Splinterlands, lying ethically between the Outlands and Limbo

Locations in Discordia

Strife Unforgiving, the Realm of Eris
  • Strife Unforgiving (realm of Eris)
  • Vault of Chance (secondary realm of Vergadain)

Discordia is a planelette growing at the edge of the Hinterlands, on the side of the Great Ring that’s orientated towards Limbo. The plane between pure chaos and neutrality, actually does have a gate-town, Vergadain’s kip in the Dwarven Mountain. Vergadain actually has a secondary home here in Discordia, as well as the one on the Outlands, just to show off.

Of course the most prominent power in Discordia is Eris. She’s the Greek power of strife, who set up kip here after being kicked out of Arborea for being a troublemaker. Chant goes she finally lost the sympathy of the Greek powers after she started the Trojan War by igniting the jealousies of Hera, Aphrodite and Athena. Her realm Strife Unforgiving has got a bunch of golden apples growing in it that can cause madness in anyone who touches them. I hear tell that the burg of Kallisti in the Outlands used to be a part of her realm too, before it wandered off to the Outlands.

Oh, yeah, that’s right. The various sites, burgs, and features of this lane all wander around at random. Don’t try and find your way by the landmarks of the place, ’cause they won’t be there in a couple of hours. You can go from frozen tundra to a burning desert right next to each other.


The only cutters who seem to be able to find their way around are a bunch of intelligent three-foot tall insects called blattids. A prime companion told me they looked just like a giant version of some bug called a cockroach. If we hadn’t hired one as our guide, I’d still be stuck on Discordia. Chaotic and neutral berks do seem to have an easier time of finding their way around this plane, but it’s a fundamentally unstable and unpredictable place.

More information on the Planes of Cordance can be found here.

Source: Greg Jensen, Alex Roberts, Jon Winter-Holt. Canonwatch: All of the Planes of Cordance and the concept of the Splinterlands are homebrew and non-canonical. From Greg’s original conception of the Planes of Cordance as full planes between the Outlands and the Great Ring in the 1990s, I’ve toned this down a little making them planelettes budding at the edge of the Outlands, which (a) explains why they are so little known, and (b) makes them easier to ignore if you don’t want to use them.

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