Drifting Stones
Drifting Stones

Drifting Stones

The Drifting Stones

The Drifting Stones are a sight to make even a jaded planewalker scratch their head in wonder. These stones, from pebbles to towering obelisks like the mighty Arutin, roam the land as if guided by an unseen hand. The closer they get to the Spire, the bigger and less touched by time’s gnawing teeth they seem to become.

These wanderin’ rocks move in a mysterious pattern, circlin’ the Spire like lost souls round the River Styx. The big ones, covered in runes older than some gods, slide across the land, leavin’ trails in the sand as the only proof of their journey. Some say they’re fleeing from or moving towards something only they know about.

But here’s the kick: If you watch ’em, then they freeze like a rogue caught in the Lady’s gaze. Turn your back, and they play catch-up, movin’ distances that’d make a quickling blink.

On a plane as superstitious at the Outlands, you can bet there are plenty of legends and yarns spun around these enigmatic rocks. Some reckon that when the stones align, it’ll signal the end of the Blood War. The thought alone’s enough to give even the hardiest basher the shivers. What happens when the fiends have no war to fight? Another aligning theory suggests a cosmic event, good or bad, that could shake the very foundations of the planes. Some chanters believe that when aligned, the stones could open gateways to realms unknown, like the Ordial or even free the trapped souls in Pandemonium or Carceri.

Other tales tell of elemental beings settin’ up these stones as part of some ancient migration pattern, reminiscent of the wild stones on the Plane of Earth. Some sages speculate that the stones’ movements are tied to the cosmic clock of the Outlands, marking time in their own mysterious way. The Spire Conjecture asks whether the stones spiralin’ away from a shrinkin’ Spire, or drawn towards an expandin’ one? Theories abound along those lines as well.

Barmier legends have it that mastery over the stones’ knowledge could grant control over the gates of Sigil itself, or that the stones were Aoskar’s creation, holdin’ the power to bring the slain god of portals back from the dead. And a truly far-out theory claims these stones are all that’s left of other spires that once held up the sky alongside the great Spire.

Of course, the skeptics crow that the Drifting Stones are a hoax. Maybe some powerful invisible beings are movin’ these stones just for kicks, or it’s all an illusion spun by wizards or psionicists…

Notable Stones

All of these stones move independently around the Outlands, in different orbits, speeds and patterns.

  • Obelisk of Arutin: This rune-lined obelisk and its accompanying stone arc keep perfect time with their shadows. Its properties remain a mystery.
  • Wind Flute: A harmonica-like spire that makes music with the wind, said to inspire bards and mystics.
  • Lariti’s Rock: Where Lariti, the philosopher, supposedly left his creative essence. A spot for inspiration, or just a good story.
  • The Wind Stone: A rule-breaking pebble, now in Sigil, rumored to move on its own.
  • Altar Rock: Resemblin’ an altar, it’s said that sacrifices here allow communion with gods or perhaps, impostors.
  • Boil Stone: A mineral stone from a geyser or hot spring, movin’ without any visible heat source.
  • The Arch: Resembling a gate, surrounded by ruins that move with it.
  • Standing Gate: Looks like a doorway, adorned with cryptic runes. Could it have been a gate to an ancient structure?
  • Turtle Rock: A turtle-shaped stone, always righting itself and moving in the right direction.
  • Balancing Act: A slender pillar balancing a boulder, defying gravity.
  • Glitterball: A radiant stone with embedded gems, shining brilliantly in sunlight.
  • Healer’s Bowl: A bowl-shaped stone with water rumored to have healing properties and more.
  • Calendar Stone: Takes exactly a year to circle the ring, aligning with a gatetown each month.

So there you have it cutter, the Drifting Stones – each one a mystery, making the Outlands a place where even the rocks can spin a tale.

Adventure Hooks

  • Runes of the Obelisk: The ancient runes on the Obelisk of Arutin are said to hold a secret, maybe a map or a prophecy. Deciphering them could unlock a new pathway in the planes.
  • The Great Alignment: There’s a chant that when the stones align, somethin’ monumental will happen. What it is, nobody knows, but bein’ there when the stones form that 45-degree arc might just be worth the risk.
  • The Stone’s Secret: Some claim the stones are conscious, or maybe controlled by somethin’. Finding out what drives them could uncover a hidden power in the Outlands, or a new ally… or enemy.

Source: Joshua Jarvis and Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

The Obelisk of Artuin, surrounded by the daughters of Arutin, with the Spire in the distant background

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