The Young Son, Angus Mac Og, Óengus, Macan Óc. NG lesser power of youth, time, poetry, love (He/Him)

Pantheon: Celtic (Tuatha de Danann)

Realm: Outlands / Tir na Og / Bruig na Boinne

Symbol: Swan

Known Proxies: None

Angus mac Og, also called Aengus, was born from an affair between the Daghdha and a river goddess called Boann. To keep the pregnancy secret, the Daghdha stopped time for Boann’s husband Elcmar, giving Boann time to bear Angus. He was raised in the Feywild by Midir, a courtier of the Seelie Court, and his time with the fey rubbed off on young power. He appears as a handsome young Celt with a hint of the fey about him, with singing birds circling his head.

The realm of Aengus is a manor house on a glittering river. Chant goes he tricked Elcmar once again, using his power over day and night to work a ruse worthy of a sphinx, resulting in him taking possession of the kip. As in the Seelie Court, time is unstable here, and moves as Aengus wills. A cutter going in on one day might spend a week there, and emerge the same day, or leave immediately and find months have passed.

As might be guessed, as the Celtic power of love, Aengus is a passionate cutter. He is known for his love of a swanmay named Caer Ibormeith, who he spends a lot of time with, himself also transformed into a majestic swan.

Sources: Alex Roberts A Tiefling’s Exultation, and here. Canonwatch: Aengus and Bruig na Boinne are not in the Planescape canon. They are from Celtic mythology, adapted and slotted in to Tir na Og.

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