Presence of the Master
Presence of the Master

Presence of the Master

Presence of the Master

Location: Outlands / Ringlands / Near Thoth’s Estate

Character: Shield the innocent, and you shall be rewarded in the afterlife by the Master. Help those in true need, and the rest can pike it. 

Description: In the shadows of Fortitude and Thebestys, nestled along the serene River Ma’at, lies the modest burg of Presence of the Master. The burg is a tranquil cluster of thatched huts, home to tribal hunters and priests who live by a philosophy of giving to those in true need. Many of them are members of the Ring Givers sect, but that’s not required to live here. These cutters believe they’ll received their rewards in the afterlife, from a being they call the Master. This belief shapes their way of life, creating a community that is both generous and discerning.

Who Rules: Delsonora, a beautiful and just human priestess and proxy of the Master, rules the burg. Her tenure of 174 years has been marked by wisdom and fairness. Unbeknownst to many, she is a secret member of the Athar and holds the belief that other powers are frauds, a belief that subtly influences her governance.

Behind the Throne: The Master, an entity of enigmatic origin, animates the preserved body of Delsonora, using it as a vessel to project its influence and attract worshippers, which it needs to exist. The Master is able to grant spells of up to fourth level.

Militia: Presence of the Master has a small, skilled army of 36 5th-level fighters. They kill Minions of Set on sight, and defend the village with a supernatural fury.

Services: Presence is a major trade route for the fruit and spice industry, also, it is a very good rest stop when travelling down the river. The residents use a barter system for trade, but do like precious metals. Finally, Presence is a great place to get healed. 5 jinx for a cure light wounds spell? Enough said.

Adventure Hooks

The Minions of Set: The burg is under threat from marauding bands of Minions of Set. The adventurers are called upon to aid the skilled army of Presence of the Master in defending the burg, uncovering a deeper plot by Set to undermine the Master’s influence.

The Secret of Delsonora: The adventurers stumble upon the truth behind Delsonora’s long reign and her connection to the Master. They must navigate the complex web of spiritual politics and decide whether to expose the truth to the townsfolk, potentially angering the mysterious Master, or protect the burg’s way of life.

Source: Tom Bubul

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