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The Cager’s Dozen

A tiefling lullaby

Who in Sigil runs the action?
A Cager’s Dozen ascendant factions…

Athar preachers loudly laud,
That powers are a sodding fraud.

Bleakers laugh and go insane,
There’s no point and life is pain.

Ciphers act on whim and hunch,
Weird and mystic are that bunch.

Dusters simply bow their head,
You and me and they’re all dead.

Fated count the jink they make,
Never give when you can take.

Guvners seek to find a clause,
In endless reams of rules and laws.

Hands of Havoc’s chaotic wisdom,
To rage against the rotten system.

Hardheads are demanding peace,
Their way, or desist and cease.

Mind’s Eye strive for evolution,
Creating Lower Ward pollution.

Red Death know your crimes reputed,
They catch you, you’ll be executed.

Sensates stripped of their pretences,
Experience with all their senses.

Sinkers revel in decay,
For entropy won’t go away.

But they all bow to She Who Flays,
The Lady rules, now and always.

Source: Based original ‘Sixteen Secrets’ lullaby by Chris Nichols. Updated for 2023 by Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

Canonical Faction Chant

Depending on what sort of chant you’re after, you might be able to find it in one of the Planescape handbooks:

  • The philosophies of the factions are sketched out in A Player’s Guide to the Planes, expanded in The Factol’s Manifesto, and put in perspective in The Planewalker’s Handbook.
  • Factioneer abilities are outlined in A Player’s Guide to the Planes and expanded in The Factol’s Manifesto.
  • Details of how to join the factions are given in The Factol’s Manifesto.
  • Faction headquarters are described briefly in Sigil and Beyond and In The Cage, and in more detail in The Factol’s Manifesto.
  • The factols’ histories and statistics are covered in The Factol’s Manifesto.
  • The relationships between the Factions are mentioned in A Player’s Guide to the Planes, and explained more fully in The Factol’s Manifesto.
  • The factions’ planar headquarters are described in the Boxed Set according to the plane in question.
  • The faction symbols are pictured in A Player’s Guide to the Planes, on a poster in the original Planescape Boxed Set and on the poster that comes with The Factol’s Manifesto.
  • Many faction secrets are revealed in The Factol’s Manifesto.
  • The best ways to deal with factioneers are described in The Planewalker’s Handbook.
  • Some famous faction members are described in Uncaged: Faces of Sigil.
  • Powers who’re popular with the factions are talked about in On Hallowed Ground.
  • Hellbound: The Blood War box discusses what each faction thinks of the Blood War.

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