Untamoinen, The Dreamer, the Dreaming God. N Lesser power of sleep, dreams [He/Him]

Pantheon: Finnish

Symbol: Closed eyes

Realm: Outlands / the Ringlands / the Sleeping Lands

Known Proxies: None

Untamo, the Lord of Sleep in the Finnish pantheon, is a power enshrouded in the veils of dreams and the ethereal world of slumber. His realm in the Outlands, a place where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, reflects both his passive power and his disinterest in the mundane workings of the planes.

Untamo’s philosophy is woven from the threads of dreams and the subconscious. He embodies the idea that there is more to existence than what is seen with waking eyes. In his eternal slumber, Untamo explores realms beyond the grasp of ordinary beings, soaring into the heights of imagination and diving into the depths of the unknown. His disinterest in the planes stems from this fascination with the world of dreams, a realm so vast and intricate that the affairs of the planes seem trivial in comparison. You’ll know first hand how surreal and magical the dreams of mortals can be—just imagine what the dreams of a god must be like, cutter.

Chant goes that Untamo sleeps not out of lethargy but out of choice. His slumber is his way of connecting with the deepest wells of dream and imagination. In this state, he experiences realities that are unfathomable to those who are awake, even other powers, and allows him to tap into realms where the utterly impossible becomes possible, and where the fabric of reality is endlessly malleable.

Untamo’s preference to communicate through dreams rather than direct manifestation is indicative of his nature. He reaches out to mortals in their dream state, a realm where he is most powerful and where his true essence can be most effectively conveyed. It’s said that he can speak to mortals anywhere in the multiverse when they are asleep, even in places like Sigil which are otherwise inaccessible to powers.

Canonical Source: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p102,105,173 (description of power)

See Also: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-MGsMHM9q8vNcxU5h8l_ (Homebrew adventure using Untamo’s realm as an encounter)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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