Bram’s Folly
Bram’s Folly

Bram’s Folly

Bram’s Folly

Location: Outlands / Ringlands / Near Semuanya’s Bog

Bram, earth mephit entrepreneur

Bram’s Folly, the boggy joke of the Outlands, is a tale of getting lemons and making, well, not lemonade, but somethin’ just as good. Bram, an earth mephit with more savvy than many a Cager tout, got peeled when buying some land and found himself the owner of what most berks would call a soddin’ mess. He was told that he was getting the best land that money could buy, tall pines, rugged hills, and untapped mineral wealth. In reality Bram was sold an apparently useless stretch of muddy marshes, tar pits, and hard packed flat land with trees more sparse than a modron’s sense of humor.

But Bram, being the canny cutter he was, turned his bad luck into a gold mine. He set up a shop, BRAM’S OOZES, MUDS, AND BRICKS, sellin’ everything from clay bricks and sticky black asphalt to beauty mud and swamp resin.

No one knows what asphalt from the tar pits is good for but baatezu seem to buy it, and Guvners pay a pretty penny for bones dug out of the tar pits. The boiled tree resin forms a sticky, bouncy, substance. He tried marketing it as a material for balls for children to play with but it has the problem of turning sticky in hot weather. He also places insects in resin of a different tree to form unique amber pendants—a real hit with the barmies who fancy wearin’ dead things ’round their necks.

Now, for a basher lookin’ for adventure, this place isn’t without excitement:

  • Mud Mystery: Bram’s been tampering with spells, and something in the mud’s started movin’. He needs a group of hardy planewalkers to dive into the muck and figure out what’s going on before it turns his business belly-up.
  • Asphalt Anomaly: Those lower planar fiends buying the asphalt are up to somethin’ big. A group of Guvners, suspicious and nosy as they are, want a crew to trail the fiends and find out what they’re building with all that sticky black stuff.

Source: Joshua Jarvis, Jon Winter-Holt,

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