Sheela Peryroyl
Sheela Peryroyl

Sheela Peryroyl

Sheela Peryroyl

Green Sister, the Wise, Watchful Mother. N intermediate power of nature, agriculture, weather [She/Her]

Pantheon: Yondalla’s Children [Halfling Pantheon]

Realm: Outlands / Ringlands / Flowering Hill

Known Proxies: Sheron Adoron (proxy halfling druid [she/her] / N)

Sheela Peryroyl, the Green Sister, now she’s a bit of an odd duck among Yondalla’s Children—the Halfling Pantheon—having set up her kip on the Outlands rather than in Yondalla’s realm on Venya. Sheela is more keen than most halflings on keepin’ a balance ‘tween wild greenery and tilled fields. She’s the one who looks after nature and agriculture, making sure the druids and farmers ain’t stepping on each other’s toes.

Now, during that jolly old mess that the Primes called the Spellplague and Second Sundering, Sheela found herself in the spotlight. Yondalla, you see, was all tangled up with Chauntea, and that put Sheela right up front as the high-up for the halflings. But don’t think she was over the moon about it. Nah, once things settled down, she slipped back into the shadows. Truth be told, most halflings prefer the quiet life, and Sheela’s no different.

But don’t go thinking Sheela’s all work and no play. Far from it! She’s got a hand in the revelry too—feasts, dances, love-struck romances, the whole bit. She’s about living life with a bit of zing, and her petitioners in the Flowering Hill of the Outlands, they’re all in on it. They want to live like Sheela teaches, lives full of gusto and joy, and they’re always up for showing a cutter the ropes.

Flowering Hill, her gaff in the Outlands, is a sight to behold. It’s all rolling hills, green as a spring day, dotted with farms and orchards. It’s like the perfect picture of what happens when you let the wilds and the farmlands work things out for themselves. This spot is Sheela’s slice of the planes, where the grass is always green, and the sky’s always clear.

Her proxies and petitioners, they’re a friendly lot, especially Sheron Adoron, her main proxy. A halfling druid, she is, and she embodies all that Sheela stands for. If you’re wandering through Flowering Hill, chances are you’ll bump into her, or one of the other bright-eyed souls looking to spread Sheela’s way of living—a life where every day’s a feast and every night’s a dance.

Canonical Sources: 

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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