The Long-Legged, Sucellos, Cocidius, Silenus. CG greater power of nature, forests, druids (He/Him)

Pantheon: Celtic (Gaulish), Roman, Faerûnian

Symbol: Summer oak tree

Realm: Outlands / Tir na Og / Summeroak

Silvanus, the Long-Legged, is an influential power who has a presence in many pantheons. He’s called Sucellos by the Gauls, Cocidius by the Britons, and Silenus by the Greeks. He’s also known in a Prime world called Toril. In all these places he’s the power of nature, natural beasts, forests, and patron of druids, his influence in the natural world as deeply rooted as the oak trees that are his symbol. The symbol of a summer oak tree perfectly encapsulates his essence, representing strength, endurance, and the ever-changing yet constant cycle of nature.

Silvanus stands aloof from the petty power struggles and short-term alliances of gods and mortals. He measures time in the lives of mighty oak trees. His sole focus is the balance of nature, and this draws many druids to his cause. Like Silvanus himself, they place the importance of nature above all else, often valuing it even over their own lives. 


His realm, Summeroak, located deep within the mystical core of Tir na Og in the Outlands, is the epitome of untamed beauty and buzzing with the power of nature. There is lush, wild vegetation, and in places the tree canopy is so dense that it appears as if no light could ever penetrate it. The trees seem to be watching as you make your way carefully through the thick undergrowth. It is here, among the grandest of trees, that Silvanus dwells.

The proxy of Silvanus is the Hierophant (proxy half-elf druid [she/her] / N), a half-elf druid of significant power and devotion. Her role in Tir na Og is to seek out those who can appreciate the wild splendour of Summeroak, plant the seed of reverence for nature, and then nurture it. Her fanatical dedication to the cycle of nature is evident in gleam in her eyes and the bits of leaf stuck in her hair. Endowed with extraordinary druidic powers by Silvanus, the Hierophant possesses the remarkable ability to transform into any kind of tree or beast she has encountered in Summeroak.

Canonical Sources:

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