Dweller on the Horizon. N (NG) intermediate power of horizons, distance, travel, roads (He/Him)

Pantheon: Oerth, Greyhawk

Realm: Prime / Oerth and Outlands, wandering

Symbol: Circle crossed by a curved horizon line

Let’s chew the rag about Fharlanghn (pronounced far-LAHNG-un), the Dweller on the Horizon, a name well-known among planewalkers and bashers alike. He’s the Oeridian god of Horizons, Distance, Travel, and Roads, and a true wanderer at heart.

First off, Fharlanghn ain’t no spring chicken. He appears as an elderly, weather-beaten man with a face like a road map of wrinkles. But don’t let that fool ya, his sparkling bright-green eyes are full of life and stories. His garb is plain as day, travel-stained leather and unbleached linen, always looking like he’s just trudged through a dust storm. His feet, clad in boots caked with the dust of a thousand roads, tell tales of endless journeys.

His symbol, a disk with a curved line representing the horizon and an upturned crescent above, speaks of his domain—horizons, the open road, and the distance beyond. Fharlanghn’s philosophy is simple yet profound: travel to discover and learn. He insists that folks keep moving, look to the horizon for inspiration, and embrace new experiences. In his view, nothing in the world is fixed, and a new perspective, or even a new home, might just be over the next rise.

Fharlanghn is known to wander the world of Oerth in person. His spirit form lingers at crossroads and mysterious oases, guiding and watching over travelers. He reigns on the roads, offering security and good fortune to those who pray for his favour. As such, he’s also seen as the god of quests that involve long journeys, a true patron of wanderers and explorers. But he wanders further afield than this. He’s known to use Planar Pathways to get around, and has been encountered on the Outlands more than once. It makes sense; the Outlands is the crossroads of the Outer Planes, and Fharlanghn is the embodiment of the crossroads. Travel on the Outland is particularly enjoyable, as unlike the Prime, you can walk the same road three times and find six different destinations.

Fharlanghn’s got a notable family and friends. He’s the brother of Celestian, another deity popular among planewalkers. While Celestian strolls among the stars, Fharlanghn prefers the solid ground beneath his feet. He’s in cahoots with the likes of Atroa, Lydia, Brandobaris, and others. His interactions with other powers are rooted in his love for travel and exploration.

In terms of worship, Fharlanghn’s shrines are a common sight along well-trodden roads. He ain’t much for grand temples, but his wayside shrines are havens for weary travelers. His followers, including bards, merchants, and adventurers, learn the ropes through journeys rather than stuffy teachings. His rites are short and to the point, often relying on the ceremonies of allied deities for more elaborate occasions.

When Fharlanghn meets fellow travellers lers, he’s polite, easy to talk to, though not much for chatter. His movements seem slow, but don’t be deceived; he can cover distances faster than the quickest courier. For cutters who catch his eye, Fharlanghn might share a bit of his vast knowledge of the roads or even bestow a blessing for safe travels.

Fharlanghn’s got a few tricks up his sleeve. He can create paths, roads, tunnels, or bridges at will, making him a literal godsend for those stuck in a tight bind. And for those who try to cross him? He can curse them so that all their journeys take twice as long as usual. Talk about a long way home!

In the Outlands, Fharlanghn’s influence is as widespread as the roads that crisscross it. His teachings resonate with the ethos of the plane—constant change, endless horizons, and the lure of the unknown. Planewalkers who share his love for travel and discovery might find themselves under his watchful eye, receiving guidance or aid on their journey.

So there you have it, berk. on hall, the Dweller on the Horizon, a deity for those who seek what lies beyond, who yearn for the open road and the distant lands. He’s a reminder that the journey’s just as important as the destination, and sometimes, the horizon holds the answers we seek.

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  • Thieves’ Guild
  • Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net. Canonical sources only place Fharlanghn on Oerth but I think he’s a perfect power for planewalkers to venerate, placate or even interact with—so I extended his description to include the Outlands as well.
Being the Power of Distant Horizons, Roads and Travelling Them

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