Rilmani, Stannach
Rilmani, Stannach

Rilmani, Stannach

Stannach Rilmani

Philosophy: Expand the Balance by inclusion of all things

Caste: Messenger-Diplomats

Alchemical Metal: Tin

The stannach rilmani are generally the rilmani caste you might actually enjoy having a chinwag with, if you don’t mind the odd chance of being nudged, shoved, or outright booted towards what they reckon is the cosmic middle line. Stannachs are like the nosy neighbours of the planes, always got an opinion on where you ought to be standing in the grand scheme, but unlike your typical armchair philosopher, they’ve got the means to make their suggestions stick.

All things have their place

— Stannach philosophy

Visualise a being clad in silver, not the shiny sort that’ll have you squinting, but more like the glow of moonlight on a misty night. They’ve got this fancy frill around their brain-boxes, makes ’em look a bit like they’re wearing their own personal sunrays as a hat, or maybe like a lion that decided two legs was the way forward. And their hands, well they’ve got four of those cutter, and they floating about like some wizard’s lost spell components, not always in sync with those spiky arms of theirs. Makes for a curious picture, doesn’t it?

Stannachs are the go-between, the movers and shakers in the rilmani world, always busy with this scheme or that, always to stitch the cosmos together so it doesn’t come apart at the seams. They work hand in glove with the aurumachs and argenachs, plotting out how to keep everything on an even keel, inclusion being the name of their game. But don’t you go thinking that makes ’em soft. Oh no, these berks are as likely to pat you on the back as they are to shove you off a cliff, metaphorically speaking, if you decide you’re not playing ball with the multiverse’s rules.

But here’s the bit that’ll curl your toes: the stannach’s voice. Not just any voice, mind you, but one that could tear the very fabric of reality if they get a bit shouty. Imagine a sound that could make the Spire sit up and take notice. That’s their trump card, a sonic blast that can unravel what is, was, and might be, if you’re daft enough to push them to it.

In essence, the stannachs are the friendly face of an unfriendly idea: Toe the line, or be made to. They’re the proof that even in a multiverse as vast and barmy as this, there’s always someone trying to keep things tidy, even if their method of tidying involves the odd existential threat or two. Friendly, yes, but with a backbone of pure cosmic principle that’s as unyielding as the Spire itself. Always remember, with stannachs, it’s their way or no way, with a smile and a wave as you’re nudged back into place.

Canonical Sources:

  • Manual of the Planes [5e] p318

Source: Jon Winter-Holt. Canonwatch: The rilmani have changed a lot between 2e and 5e D&D, not least in terms of their appearance. I must confess I don’t like the futuristic robo-android-look of rilmani that 5e has introduced, I think it’s anachronistic compared with the rest of the setting, and 5e rilmani look more like golems than an outsider race. And obviously the lumpy blobs of 3e were dreadful. So I’ve reimagined them closer to the 2e form; humanoid, clearly metallic themed, androgynous, more planescapey, and I’ve tried to make each caste look more distinct from each other too. Please let me know what you think!

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