The Castes of the Rilmani
The Castes of the Rilmani

The Castes of the Rilmani

The Castes of the Rilmani

Who are the Rilmani?

Except from the Book of Balance, a musty history tome found in the Parted Veil bookshop…

Arising from the Spirelands of the Outlands, the plane that acts as the fulcrum upon which the Great Ring balances, the rilmani emerged as the antithesis to imbalance. They supplanted the kamerel, a species whose approach to neutrality was one of isolation and detachment, with a philosophy grounded in engagement and intervention. Unlike their predecessors, the rilmani understand that true neutrality is not a passive state but an active pursuit, a constant striving to maintain the balance amidst the ceaseless push and pull of the multiverse’s myriad forces.

The rilmani are not merely creatures of neutrality; they are neutrality crystallised, its champions, and its custodians. Their appearance, humanoid yet marked by a metallic sheen and opalescent eyes, reflects their otherworldliness. Yet, it is their aura—a palpable manifestation of reserve, watchfulness, and power—that truly sets them apart.

The philosophy of the rilmani is as complex as it is simple. They operate under the axiom that the universe exists in a state of balance, where light is defined by darkness, good by evil, chaos by law. To the rilmani, these opposing forces are not to be championed or vanquished but balanced, for in the equilibrium between them lies the health of the multiverse. They view themselves not as arbiters of fate, that’s a job for other powers, but as custodians of the cosmic equilibrium, stepping in only when the scales tip too far in any one direction.

The role of the rilmani within the Outer Planes, and indeed across the multiverse, is multifaceted. They are observers, ever-vigilant for signs of imbalance; they are counsellors, guiding other beings towards actions that restore or maintain equilibrium; and, when necessary, they are intervenors, directly engaging with the affairs of other planar races and even powers to preserve the balance. Their interventions range from subtle manipulations and guidance to overt acts of counterbalancing force, even war or assassination when called for.

In these essays we will dissect the intricacies of the rilmani’s existence and their impact on the cosmos. From the plumachs, whose adherence to neutrality manifests in a staunch isolationism, to the aurumachs, the de facto leaders whose strategic interventions ensure the preservation of balance, each caste of rilmani plays a distinct role in their society and in their overarching mission. The ferrumachs, as the martial arm, and the cuprilachs, as the shadowy agents of change, underscore the diverse approaches the rilmani employ to maintain neutrality. Their policies and actions, often misunderstood or maligned by those with vested interests in the dominance of one force over another, place the rilmani in a precarious position within the cosmic hierarchy.

The rilmani represent a fascinating paradox: beings of profound power and influence who seek not dominion but equilibrium, not the triumph of one ideology over another but the coexistence of all. Theirs is a story of balance, a narrative woven into the very fabric of the multiverse, and a testament to the idea that in the space between opposites lies the true nature of existence. 


Plumachs represent the lowest caste within the enigmatic hierarchy of the rilmani. Recognisable by their short, stocky builds and distinctive dull gray metallic skin, plumachs embody the principle of noninvolvement, a philosophy that champions the merits of isolationism and the virtues of minding one’s own business. Tasked with the critical yet understated role of maintaining the equilibrium at home in the Outlands, they eschew the broader cosmic interferences favoured by their kin, focusing instead on the internal cohesion and day-to-day functionality of rilmani society. Despite their seemingly simple and apathetic outlook, plumachs possess a deep-seated wisdom and practicality, ensuring the smooth operation of their society through craftsmanship, commerce, and, when necessary, martial defence. Their philosophy underscores a broader truth within the rilmani ethos: that balance often begins with self-sufficiency and an intentional detachment from the tumultuous affairs of the greater multiverse.


Ferrumachs stand as the martial arm of the rilmani, embodying their commitment to preserving the balance through direct action. Resembling powerfully muscled humanoids clad in iron, they are the footsoldiers in the endless struggle to maintain neutrality across the multiverse. Ferrumachs are equipped with heavy armour and wield weapons of deadly efficiency, frequently mounted on ferocious kuldurath, and always ready to intervene in conflicts that threaten the cosmic equilibrium. They operate under the guidance of the aurumachs, executing orders with unwavering loyalty and precision. Living apart in gray fortresses near the Spire, they are the most lawful of their kin, respecting the chain of command and valuing the collective effort over individual acclaim. Their presence on the battlefield ensures that no force, whether of good, evil, law, or chaos, overwhelms the others, safeguarding the delicate balance that sustains the multiverse.


Abiorachs serve as the rilmani’s envoys within the Elemental Planes, navigating the tumultuous conflicts that arise amidst the primal forces of nature. Their appearance, youthful and lithe with a distinctive liquid silver sheen, mirrors their adaptability and fluid approach to maintaining equilibrium among the elemental chaos. Tasked with a delicate mission, abiorachs employ subtlety, manipulation, and trickery, avoiding direct confrontation with the elemental powers at all costs. Their intervention is rare, given the natural inclination towards neutrality within the Elemental Planes, but they remain ever vigilant, ready to act against any force that seeks to disrupt the balance. Through their efforts, abiorachs ensure that the elemental tumult does not spill over into wider cosmic discord, preserving the essential harmony of the multiverse.


Cuprilachs are the clandestine operatives of the rilmani, embodying their commitment to balance through espionage and, when necessary, assassination. These agents possess a unique, coppery sheen and a lithe, somewhat gaunt appearance that belies their lethal nature. Masters of disguise, cuprilachs infiltrate societies and organisations across the multiverse, spinning webs of deceit to steer events towards equilibrium. Their philosophy centres on the belief that certain key individuals or groups, when removed or manipulated, can restore or preserve the necessary balance. Acting under the directives of aurumachs, cuprilachs undertake their missions with a cold, dispassionate efficiency, ensuring their actions serve the greater purpose of cosmic neutrality without personal investment or joy.


Stannachs embody the role of intermediaries and facilitators within the rilmani hierarchy, dedicated to maintaining the cosmic balance through inclusion and subtle influence. Their appearance, characterised by a silvery hue and distinctive cranial frills, reflects their unique position and approach. Stannachs are regarded as the friendliest among their kind, engaging with various factions and individuals across the multiverse to guide them towards equilibrium. They wield considerable magical abilities, but their most potent weapon is their voice, capable of unleashing primordial sounds that resonate with the fabric of reality itself. Stannachs operate under the belief that all beings have a place in the balance, and through their efforts, they strive to ensure that every entity fulfils its role without tipping the scales too far in any direction.


Argenachs are the subtle manipulators among the rilmani, tasked with the delicate adjustments necessary to preserve balance across the multiverse. With their tall, slender forms and silvery sheen, argenachs embody the grace and mystery of their mission. They are especially focused on the affairs of the Prime Material Plane, believing it to be the critical battleground for the forces of good, evil, law, and chaos. Argenachs operate behind the scenes, employing their considerable magical prowess and ability to assume any guise to guide outcomes without revealing their true nature. Their interventions are crafted to prevent any one force from dominating, ensuring the multiverse remains in a state of equilibrium. Through their efforts, argenachs exemplify the rilmani’s commitment to balance, acting with a combination of wisdom, foresight, and discreet power.


Aurumachs represent the pinnacle of rilmani society, embodying the highest authority and the profound commitment to the preservation of balance across the multiverse. Distinguished by their powerfully muscled, golden-skinned forms that radiate a calming presence, aurumachs are the epitome of majesty and equilibrium. As the de facto leaders, they orchestrate the rilmani’s interventions with a focus on diplomacy and strategy, stepping into direct action only as a last resort. Their abilities to block thought reading and their inscrutable nature ensure their plans remain shrouded in mystery, even to their own kind. From their strongholds near the Spire in the Outlands, aurumachs oversee the cosmic status quo, wielding their profound power to guide, protect, and, when necessary, enforce the balance with swift, decisive action.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt based on Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II [2e]; Fiend Folio [3e]; Manual of the Planes [5e]

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