The Short Father, Aha. CN lesser power of luck, music, dance, eating, drinking, protection.

Pantheon: Egyptian, Faerûn (Mulhorand)

Symbol: Dwarf in panther skin

Realm: Outlands / Wandering

Known Proxies: Amenemhab (proxy human thief [he/him] N)

Bes is the ancient Egyptian god of luck, chance, and a whole lot more. This blood’s a wild card in the deck of deities. First off, Bes ain’t your typical tall and majestic god type. He’s a squat, powerful figure, looking more like a dwarf than anything else. He’s got this comical yet fierce look about him. We’re talking bow legs, a lion or panther skin, a plumed crown, and he’s very fond of sticking out his tongue. In other words, you bump into Bes, and you’ll know it. A real sore sight for eyes.

Now, Bes, he’s all about protection and keeping the bad spirits away, especially when it comes to households and families. He’s a defender of everything good and the enemy of all that’s bad. But don’t think he’s just a tough nut; he’s also about the joys of life, like music, dance, and, you guessed it, pleasure. Bes’ philosophy is about balancing the fear and the fun, the danger and the dance.

Bes’ reach ain’t just limited to the sandy dunes of Egypt. His worship has spread far and wide, and while he prefers to wander the Great Ring than settle down with a Realm, you’ll find statues of Bes all over the Outlands and beyond. He doesn’t just stay in one plane neither; his influence has reached into the Greek and Persian Pantheons too. When it comes to the Outlands, Bes’ influence on luck and chance makes him a key player in the lives of those who dare to roll the dice. Bes is great friends with the Faerie power Damh, with whom he is known to party.

In recent times, Bes’ influence has waned a bit, with aspects of his domain getting subsumed by Vergadain, the dwarven power. It’s like a merge, a blend of powers where one god’s domain gets folded into another’s. That’s the way of the gods in the Outlands, ever shifting and changing based on belief and follower’s whims.

Now, imagine you’re a blood out in the Outlands and you catch Bes’ eye. Expect a wild ride where luck and chance are your constant companions. Bes ain’t the type to shy away from a good gamble or a risky venture. He might just tip the scales in your favour, provided you’re not too rash with your bets. But remember, he’s a capricious sort, so don’t count your jink until the game’s done. Crossing paths with Bes could mean a whirlwind of luck, protection, and maybe a bit of chaos. He’s a god who likes a good risk but doesn’t take kindly to the foolhardy. Keep your wits sharp, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll earn the favour of this protector of hearth and home, this whirlwind of laughter and luck.

Canonical Sources:

  • Deities & Demigods [3e] p135,144-145 (power description) 
  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p86-87 (power description)


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