Believers of the Source
Believers of the Source

Believers of the Source

Believers of the Source

Forging the Chains of Belief

The Believers of the Source have a simple, yet very complex philosophy. They espouse that all cutters are created to improve themselves, to learn new tricks and new darks. When they die, they’re recycled souls come around again, learning a little more each time. You might think that was hard to prove, but the Godsmen, as they are called, (for many reckon that after enough learning, a cutter’ll eventually get to the top of the ladder and become a power!) love to tinker with memories of past lives. Many of ’em can trace their own soul’s history back generations.

They don’t just look backwards though; the Believers are very forward-thinking too. Always planning and pushing themselves to the limit, these bloods make bold adventurers, diligent workers (bar the Bytopian gnome, naturally), and bright thinkers. They certainly made me work to collect this chant on their faction, berk! So here it is. Just ask the mimir…

“We’re all gods… some of us just don’t know it yet.”

– Factor Ascendol, Godsman

Now, the Godsmen don’t hold a formal place in the running of Sigil these days, not since most of the high-ups in the faction joined with the Sign of One to form the Mind’s Eye. While this certainly hollowed out the ranks, a handful of the most devoted cutters didn’t make the jump. The forges of the Great Foundry may have been handed over to nonpartisan blacksmiths, dwarves and azer, but the secretive walls of Harbinger House now hold the true Believers of the Source.

“So you messed up in your last life? That bad, huh?”

– Kurki, often called the Mad, of the Godsmen, chatting with a patch of razorvine

Philosophy by Numbers

Coteries of the Godsmen

  • The AdamantWho Succeed by being Perfect, and are an Inspiration to others who Would-Be-Powers
  • The OntologistsCan one Prove the Existence or Divinity of the Powers by Logic Alone? That’s a Debate Raging in the Cage Right Now…

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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