Sarimie, Sarma, the Lady of Fortune. CN intermediate power of wealth, luck (She/Her)

Pantheon: Cerilian

Symbol: A set of scales

Realm:  Outlands / Ringlands / The Marketplace Eternal / The House of Resolve

Known Proxies: None

Sera is the Aebrynian goddess of commerce, wealth, and the fickle mistress of luck, both good and ill. This power’s a classy act, an ageless woman carrying herself with a grace that’d make even the most jaded Cager heart skip a beat. With dark hair flowing and a slight, knowing smile, she’s the very picture of fortune favouring the bold, and the primes of the Brecht worship the ground she floats over, believing she guides ’em towards profitable ventures and away from the dodgy deals.

Sera’s not just about the clink of coin or the luck of the draw; she’s the embodiment of the true bargain. While she’s a power of chance, she teaches that wealth ain’t something that falls in your lap by chance or divine whim. Nah, it’s the fruit of sweat, strategy, and a bit of elbow grease. It’s not just gold she’s after, but the prosperity that comes from using that gold wisely, investing in happiness and future joys, instead of frittering it away on fleeting pleasures. She’s a paragon for those who craft their destiny with the tools of diligence and hard graft.

But let’s not forget her other half, Ruornil, the god of magic. The union between the two powers and their churches is the reason Sera’s district in the Marketplace Eternal, a bustling hub for those seeking magical wares. Her temples, scattered across Cerilia and beyond, ain’t merely places of worship; they’re centres of commerce, trade education, and even matrimonial contract negotiations—to Sera, everything’s a deal, everything’s trade.

On the streets of the House of Resolve, Sera’s influence shines bright. It’s a place where magic and market merge, where every transaction is imbued with a bit of her luck, and where the diligent find their efforts rewarded. Her followers, a pragmatic bunch, stride through these markets with an eye for opportunity and a keen sense for the next big score.

But Sera’s realm isn’t just about the clatter of coins; it’s about the balance of fortune. She’s the patron of those who take risks, who gamble against long odds, and yet, she’s the steady hand guiding them away from folly. Her teachings are a reminder that while she may smile on the occasional foolhardy venture, true success lies in the blend of hard work and the occasional stroke of luck.

In Sera’s domain, fortune favours the bold, but only the wise get to keep that fortune. Her scales might tip in your favour if you’ve done the legwork, but remember, in her eyes, every bargain struck, every scheme hatched, is a prayer in its own right. Play your cards right, and you might just find Sera’s knowing smile turned your way.


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