The Maelstrom, EverChange, the Swirling Soup, the Never-Same, Bolim, Olbmi

is This plane of change a continual. stays stable long for Nothing here. cutter A should careful that be his very mutates self into unrecognisable something doesn’t. I’m sure you can imagine, the Plane of Pure Chaos has more than a few names. Some sages count its layers as five, but since there’s nothing to tell ’em apart, it seems a rather futile gesture. The slaad lurk here too, in the most swirling pools of chaos-stuff, where they enact their incomprehensible plans and plots. It’s a crazy place, and a blood’d do well to hold onto his sanity here.

Locations of Limbo

  • Anfractuous Topography (independent town)
  • As Thou Wilt (githzerai burg)
  • Barnstable (halfling burg)
    • Yondalla’s Teeth (site)
  • Beasthaven (realm of Llerg)
  • Change of Mind (independent town)
  • The Courts of Illusion (realm of Leira)
  • Escape from Pressure (site)
  • Fennimar (realm of Fenamrel Mestarine and Sevarash)
  • The Flame Void (realm of Sirrion)
  • The Floating City (githzerai burg)
    • Tower of Illumination (headquarters of the Anarchs’ Guild)
  • The Globe of Raging Chaos (realm of Susanoo)
  • The Hoardmistress’ Lair (realm of Astilabor)
  • House of Locks (realm of Kurell)
  • The Immeasurable (site)
  • The Infinite Staircase (planar pathway)
  • Just Desserts (site)
  • The Kiss of Luck (realm of Ralishaz)
  • Knight’s Rest (realm of Tempus and the Red Knight)
  • Loss of Control (independent burg)
  • Mayel (realm of Ehecatl)
  • Mictlan (planar pathway)
  • Monastery of Zerth’Ad’lun (temple)
  • Mount Fujiyama (planar pathway, sometimes)
  • Mountain of Wonder (realm of Kereska)
  • Pinwheel (site)
  • The Realm of the Wilds (realm of Tezcatlipoca)
    • Tula (realm town)
  • Seasedge (realm of Procan)
  • Shra’kt’lor (githzerai city)
  • The Spawning Stone (slaadi ancient monument)
  • The Standing Stones (realm of Tapann)
  • Swarga (realm of Agni, Indra and Vayu)
  • The Temple of Change (site)
  • Volkorgoth (realm of the Orcish upstarts)
  • Windshome (realm of Shina-tsu-hiko)
  • The World Serpent Inn (planar pathway)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Why, today’s the sixth of “nobody’s been eaten by a blue slaad”

—Limbo petitioner telling a planewalker the local date

Powers of Limbo

  • Agni (Vedic power of fire)
  • Astilabor (draconic power of acquisitiveness)
  • Bunosi (Melanesian power of animals)
  • The Centipede (grippli power of destruction)
  • Chaos (titan of chaos)
  • Chourst (slaad lord of randomness)
  • Ehecatl (Aztec power of air)
  • Dallah Thaun (halfling power of secrets)
  • Dretha (ord power of fertility)
  • Hun Dun (Chinese power of chaos)
  • Indra (Vedic power of battle)
  • Kereska (draconic power of magic)
  • Kurell (Oerdian power of theft)
  • Lanishra (orc power of slavery)
  • Leira (Faerûnean power of illusion)
  • Llerg (Norse power of beasts)
  • Norebo (Norse power of luck)
  • Nulgreth (orc power of rage)
  • Pinčiukas (Baltic power of trickery)
  • Procan (Oerdian power of ocean weather)
  • Ralishaz (Oerdian power of chance)
  • Renbuu (slaad lord of colour)
  • Rull (orc power of thunderbolts)
  • Sevarash (elven power of vengeance)
  • Sezelrian (orc power of magic)
  • Shina-Tsu-Hiko (Japanese power of winds)
  • Sirrion (Krynnish power of fire)
  • Ssendam (slaad lord of insanity)
  • Susanoo (Japanese power of storms)
  • Tapann (korred power of dance)
  • Tezcatlipoca (Aztec power of mischief)
  • Varg (orc power of siege warfare)
  • Vayu (Vedic power of life, destruction)
  • Verex (orc power of plunder)
  • Ygorl (slaad lord of entropy)
  • Zagresh (orc power of devastation)
  • Zrunta Mountainheart (power of mountain giants)

Philosophies of Limbo

  • Anarchs’ Guild (sect)
  • Chaos Engineers (sect)
  • Hands of Havoc (faction)
  • Ragers (sect)
  • Ring-Givers (minor faction)
  • Xaositects (minor faction)

Creatures of Limbo

On a plane with this many names, it’s not going to be too much of a shock to learn that there are many, many creatures a berk can rub shoulders with. Too many. Limbo has a dangerous habit of opening gates and portals spontaneously to other planes and pulling creatures through. More often than not, they’re fried or drowned or crushed or zapped, or if the slaad get hold of them first, eaten. Therefore, many of the encounters with off-planar creatures will be with being terrified by the chaotic soup, and probably very close to meeting their end in one of the aforementioned manners. Or another, if they’re unlucky. Three types of creature are capable of surviving on Limbo: real natives of the plane; visitors with enough magic or willpower to hold the plane’s swirling chaos at bay; and truly lucky berks who’ve landed in a stable spot. The latter type don’t usually last more than a few minutes longer than their bubble of stability, though…

Native Children of Limbo

  • Boggle (MCA2 22)
  • Chaos Beast (PoXMC 8)
  • Darkweaver (PSMC2 20)
  • Doppleganger (MM 60)
  • Elemental, Composite – Tempest (MM 105)
  • Gibberling (MM 148)
  • Githzerai (PSMC1 48)
  • Gremlin, any (MM 174)
  • Hakeashar (MCA2 69)
  • Halfling of Barnstable
  • Imp, Chaos (MCA3 63 and PoXMC 10)
  • Khaasta (PSMC2 58)
  • Lillend (PoXMC 16)
  • Mimic (MM 250)
  • Mimic, Greater (MCA2 87)
  • Minion of Chaos (MMC)
  • Peltast (MCA2 94)
  • Petitioner
  • Phileet (MMC)
  • Raggamoffyn (MCA2 100)
  • Slaad, any (PSMC1 88)
  • Slaad, Rogue (MMC)

[NB: These creatures aren’t necessarily natives — nobody really knows if anything could come from Limbo’s churning chaos — but they’re certainly encountered more than other creatures there.]

Encounters on Limbo

So, okay, you’ve seen the list below. No, I ain’t a tout known for copping out, and I resent you thinking that. Trouble is, without listing every creature that’s ever been known, it ain’t going to be a complete list. You really can meet anything on Limbo. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Like I said above, there’s an environment to support any kind of life here; the trouble is it usually doesn’t last long unless the inhabitant has figured out the dark of concentrating to keep it safe for ’em. So, on Limbo you really can find unicorns, medusa, will o’ wisps, orcs and efreet. Anything smart will try and leave pretty sharpish, though, before their luck runs out…

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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