A Plethora of Plumachs
A Plethora of Plumachs

A Plethora of Plumachs

A Plethora of Plumachs

Plumach rilmani characters you can drop into any location, each with a different take on the Balance.


(Planar plumach rilmani [they/them] / N)

Appearance: Even-Keel stands out with their perfectly balanced stature. They are broad-shouldered yet not overly muscular, embodying the essence of equilibrium in their physical form. Their skin, a matte gray with subtle flecks of darker and lighter shades, seems to shift gently as they move. Their personality is calming, serene and distant.

Philosophy: Even-Keel believes in the power of maintaining a steady course, arguing that true balance is not about avoiding change but navigating through it with unwavering calm. They often say, “The smoothest pebble is shaped by the roughest waters,” emphasising the importance of enduring life’s trials to achieve harmony.

Role in Society: As a craftsman of navigational tools, Even Keel’s creations are not just practical but deeply symbolic, guiding travellers not just through physical realms but also through the metaphysical journey towards inner balance. Their compasses—which point not to the North but in the direction a body should go to seek greater Balance—are sought after by planewalkers and philosophers alike.


(Planar plumach rilmani [they/them] / N)

Appearance: Path-of-the-Middle is slender and of average height, with a complexion that perfectly matches the gray cobblestones of the Outlands’ roads. Chant goes that their eyes, a deep, reflective silver, are able to see the truth in all things, mirroring their personal quest for Balance. Their movements are deliberate, embodying their philosophy of moderation in all things. Their personality is modest, sympathetic but honestly, rather dull.

Philosophy: Path-of-the-Middle champions the idea that extremes are the root of discord. They often quip, “In the middle path, one finds the footsteps of peace.” Their belief is that balance is achieved not through detachment but through the careful weighing of all sides, ensuring no perspective is overlooked.

Role in Society: Path-of-the-Middle serves as a mediator in disputes, their impartiality a beacon for those seeking resolution without bias. Their role even extends into diplomatic missions that require a keen understanding of the nuanced middle ground. Their efforts have quietly averted many potential conflicts, reinforcing their belief in the subtle power of equilibrium.


(Planar plumach rilmani [they/them] / N)

Appearance: Steady-Hand is a picture of unassuming strength, with a stocky build and hands that seem to have been sculpted from the bedrock of the Spire. Their skin has the rough texture of unpolished metal, yet their touch is surprisingly gentle. Their personality is friendly, kind, but forgetful.

Philosophy: Steady-Hand lives by the creed, “The firmest grip is with an open hand.” They believe that true balance is about holding on to one’s principles without imposing them on others, a philosophy of open-mindedness and strength in restraint.

Role in Society: A master blacksmith, Steady-Hand’s artisanship is renowned not only for its quality but also for the philosophy it embodies. Their weapons and armour are designed to protect and defend rather than to attack, a testament to their belief in balance through peace. Their work is especially favoured by those who walk the planes seeking to uphold justice without needless aggression.


(Planar plumach rilmani [they/them] / Transcendent Order / N)

Appearance: Quiet-Stream is almost ethereal in their presence, with a lithe figure that moves with the grace of flowing water. Their skin holds a shimmering quality, catching the light in a way that reminds a cutter of a tranquil stream under the moonlight, peaceful and constant. Their personality is mysterious, watchful and frankly a bit spooky.

Philosophy: Quiet-Stream espouses the belief that “Silence carries the loudest message.” To them, Balance is not about the absence of action but the presence of mindful stillness. They teach that true neutrality is found in understanding and empathy, allowing the currents of the multiverse to flow unimpeded.

Role in Society: Quiet-Stream is a healer and a counsellor, their quiet demeanour a comforting presence to those in turmoil. Through their healing arts, they not only mend physical wounds but also soothe the chaotic spirits of those they aid. Their role is pivotal in maintaining the mental and emotional balance within the community, proving that the path to cosmic balance often begins with inner peace.


(Planar plumach rilmani [they/them] / N)

Appearance: Half-Glass is an optimist at heart, mirrored in their rounded, cheerful features that seem to always be curved in a slight, knowing smile. Their skin is a gradient of grays, lighter at the top and darkening towards their feet, symbolising their belief in looking at the brighter side of things. Their eyes sparkle with a mirth that suggests they’re privy to a cosmic joke the rest of the universe hasn’t quite caught onto yet. Their personality is jovial, playful and frequently alcohol-addled.

Philosophy: Half-Glass’ mantra is “The tankard’s always half-full”. They believe that maintaining Balance means focusing on the potential for the positive in every situation, no matter how dire it may seem. This outlook doesn’t mean they ignore the darker aspects of existence but rather that they choose to believe in the possibility of improvement and growth.

Role in Society: As a brewmaster, Half-Glass’ creations are more than just beverages; they’re liquid embodiments of philosophy. Each concoction is crafted to bring joy and a sense of hope to those who partake, reinforcing the idea that even the simplest pleasures can restore balance to a weary soul. Their tavern, the Bottomless Cup, is a haven for travellers and locals alike, seeking respite and a reminder of the lighter side of life.


(Planar plumach rilmani [they/them] / Sensates / N)

Appearance: Beauty-in-Balance is the embodiment of symmetry, their features and form mirroring the equilibrium they hold dear. Their skin is a harmonious blend of light and dark grays, seamlessly transitioning across their body. Their posture is always perfectly aligned, exuding a sense of stability and poise. Their personality is that of a perfectionist, who means well but can sometimes come across as narcissistic.

Philosophy: Beauty-in-Balance’s guiding principle is “In balance, beauty; in beauty, truth.” They see the pursuit of balance not just as a moral imperative but as an aesthetic one, finding profound beauty in the symmetry of the cosmos. Their philosophy extends to the belief that understanding and appreciating this harmony is key to comprehending the deeper truths of existence.

Role in Society: An artist and architect, Beauty-in-Balance’s creations are studies in Balance, blending form and function in equal measure. Their structures are not only practical but also serve as physical reminders of the rilmani commitment to neutrality, inspiring those who see and use them to consider the Balance in their own lives. Through their art, they communicate the complex ideals of their philosophy in a language that transcends words, inviting reflection and appreciation of the delicate dance between order and chaos.


(Planar plumach rilmani [they/them] / Ring-Givers / N)

Appearance: Clarity-in-Simplicity’s appearance belies the depth of their insight. Their form is lean, almost to the point of being skeletal, and their skin is a patchwork of grays that mimic the wear and tear of a well-travelled road. Their clothes are simple and worn, a sign of a life of practicality over aesthetics. Their personality is frugal yet generous and they should probably wash more often than they do.

Philosophy: Clarity-in-Simplicity’s philosophy is, of course, eponymous. They believe that the accumulation of material possessions only complicates life, obscuring the essential Balance that lies in living simply and focusing on what truly matters. Their approach to neutrality is one of minimalism, stripping away the unnecessary to reveal the fundamental truths of existence.

Role in Society: Clarity-in-Simplicity is a potter, their creations embodying their belief in the beauty of simplicity. Each bowl, pot, and plate is embodies the idea that there is elegance in utility and that the most profound balances are often found in the most humble objects. Their work serves as a reminder to his community of the value of focusing on the essentials, encouraging a lifestyle that eschews excess in favour of harmony and simplicity.


(Planar plumach rilmani druid [they/them] / N)

Appearance: Gentlest-of-Grains’ form is sturdy, with their skin mimicking the myriad shades of gray found in the shadows cast by a field of swaying grain. Their hands are calloused from hard work, yet their touch is as soft as a whisper, embodying the gentle strength of the earth. Their eyes, a deep gray, hold a warmth that speaks of sunlit fields and the quiet satisfaction of a day’s labor well done. Their personality is wistful, kind but prone to ramble in conversation as they don’t get to talk to folks often.

Philosophy: Gentlest-of-Grains lives by the saying, “Strength lies in the gentlest grains.” They believe that true balance is found in nurturing and growth, emphasising the importance of a soft approach to cultivation—both of the land and of the soul. Their philosophy is one of patience and care, trusting in the natural cycle of growth to bring about balance and harmony.

Role in Society: As botanist and gardener, Gentlest-of-Grains’ contributions to the community are both literal and metaphorical. They cultivate gardens that are marvels of balance, where every plant and creature has its place, reflecting the interconnectedness of all things. Their work demonstrates how gentleness and care can yield a bounty that sustains not just the body but the spirit as well.


(Planar plumach rilmani [they/them] / N)

Appearance: Edge-of-Echoes moves with a grace that belies their sharpness. Their skin is the sleek gray of a polished blade, and their shawl flows like silk, shimmering with the subtlety of sound waves. Their eyes, a piercing silver, seem to reflect more than just light—they echo the truths they perceive in the world around. They tend to repeat the last few words that anyone says to them, thoughtfully.

Philosophy: Edge-of-Echoes champions the belief, “The sharpest truths are heard in echoes.” They see balance as a matter of perception, understanding that actions and words ripple through the cosmos, reflecting back to reveal deeper truths. Their approach to neutrality involves listening and reflecting, using the echoes of the multiverse to guide their actions.

Role in Society: Edge-of-Echoes is a musician and soundweaver, their compositions capturing the complex interplay of harmony and discord that defines the quest for balance. Through their music, they explore the nuances of neutrality, their performances a mesmerising blend of sound that invites listeners to hear the echoes of their own actions and beliefs. Their art is both a mirror and a window, offering insights into the delicate equilibrium of existence.


(Planar plumach rilmani bard [they/them] / N)

Appearance: Root-of-Strength is tall and slender, their form bending and swaying with a flexibility that speaks of resilience. Their skin is a dappled gray, reminiscent of the bark of a willow tree, and their shawls cascade in soft, silver waves, framing their serene face with an air of timeless wisdom. Their personality is dependable, calm and easily-persuaded.

Philosophy: Root-of-Strength’s guiding principle is “Flexibility is the root of strength.” They believe that true balance is not about standing rigid against the storms of life but in learning to bend and adapt while remaining deeply rooted in one’s principles. Their philosophy is a testament to the strength found in yielding, in the understanding that embracing change is the key to maintaining harmony.

Role in Society: Root-of-Strength is a traveler and storyteller, their wanderings taking them across the planes, gathering tales of balance and imbalance, of rigidity and adaptability. Through their stories, they weave a web of lessons learned and wisdom gained, sharing them with all who would listen. Their role is that of a connector, bridging communities and cultures with the understanding that flexibility and adaptation are as crucial as steadfastness and strength.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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