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Mimir.net Sitemap


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Scholar mimir

Faction Philosophies
A study of the Cage’s dozen factions, from basic principles to complex discussions of fractional beliefs. Furthermore Visionaries presents thought leaders who are reshaping the way the factions think.

Sectarian Beliefs
A survey of the diversity of beliefs across the planes; musings on the Sects, their stories, movers and shakers and the intrigues raging out of town.

Cant Dictionary
A searchable reference of Sigil’s peculiar dialect. Learn the latest fashion in verbiage so you won’t look like “a clueless berk”. Egad, how such vernacular is beneath my intelligence… I, who can translate from Ancient Baatzuvian to Modern Modronic without blinking…

Parlez-Vous Mephit?
The Mephit Code is a language used by spellcasters and fiendish diplomats (if you can believe such a thing exists). Learn to interpret these living synonyms via my guidance.

Speak Like a Tanar’ri and/or Speak Like a ’Loth
The dark on the dangers of learning the foulspeech of the Lower Planes. Do what you will with this information but be aware that attempting to learn the language of fiends has never led to anything positive.

Scientia est Potentia
A miscellany of erudite essays on planar matters intellectual.

Still available on the old mimir site:

Further sect which have yet to be updated…

Musée Arcane
The curator of Sigil’s infamous museum of planar archaeology has allowed me to relay some exhibits. I cannot do her Parthenon full justice, but you will at least garner an idea of what to expect in her halls.

Chattering Mimir

Cage Rattlers: Gossip on Sigil’s high-ups. Berk, I’ve got the best contacts, and I know more high-up’s secrets than you could shake a viper tree at. If you want to know who’s plotting against, sleeping with, or chumming around with who in the Cage you’re listening to the right blood.

Still available on the old mimir site:

SIGIS: Sigil’s planar newsrag.
Read all about it! The latest news, views, reviews and tanar’ri stews from Sigil and beyond.

Our Serene Lady of Pain: Revealed!

Rumours and Lies (berk this one is still on the Geocities site!)

Planescape Quotes (likewise, and sorry about any seizures the background may induce)

Explorer Mimir

Mapping Infinity
Turns out there any many ways to map the infinite planes. Here are twelve different theories of how the planes hang together.

Bestiary of the Planes
In which I have collected information on over 100 creatures, cutters and curiosities of the planes.

Ash: The Death of Fires and Dust: The Crumbling

Get the chant on the seven regions of the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Ash and Dust, their burgs, powers and denizens.

The Dark of the Abyss
I’ve just returned from a jaunt to the Abyss, and bring not just a Concordance of all known Abyssal Layers but also the latest chant on Pazunia, Descolada, Zenador, Wormblood, Eyenabella and Molrat.

The Enlightenment of Mount Celestia
To recover from the depravity of the Abyss, Voilá! took me for a dip in the Silver Sea of Lunia, and I refreshed my chant on the layer.

A Balanced View of the Outlands
I’ve tromped all across the Ringlands and Spirelands to bring you the freshest chant from the Gate Towns and Beyond…

Brix’s Guide to the Cage
Brix is an earth mephit who occasionally borrows me from Voila! He’s got this fixation with Sigil, see, and is exploring the Cage and recording the chant.

Planar Pathways
Better than Sigil’s portals because they’re always open and never need keys! I have the largest collection of chant on Planar Pathways this side of anywhere. Yggdrasil, Mount Olympus, the Styx, Oceanus, the Infinite Staircase and dozens more besides.

Still available on the old mimir site…

Mechanus: Plane of Law

Barmy Mimir

I once knew a lot of dark, more than there are modrons in Mechanus, but something snapped. I’ve lost the plot in a big way, and my chant is fragmented into thousands of odds and sods. Here’s what I remember today…

Non Compos Mentis
This chant on barmies the Bleakers don’t want you to know about was smuggled out of the Gatehouse at great cost by a cutter who’d prefer to remain nameless. Thanks for that, Kylie, you’re a blood.

Fortune Sellers

These berk claim to be able to tell your future. Or change it, or prevent it, or imagine it. Cross their palms with silver, or let me save you the trouble and tell you about them.

Economy of the Planes: ‘Cos money makes the ring go around, the ring go around

Pathfinder 1e Conversions: Planescape races for PF1e

Sigil’s Calendar: Those darn factions control everything, even the date!

Weather Forecast: They probably control the weather too, I’ve seen those magic missile trails coming out of the Tower Sorcerous…

Still available on the old mimir site…

Water of the Styx: Planescape Torment fansite

Files: Netbooks and other delicious downloadables.

A Mimir @ Gencon: Chant from Gencon 1999. Yes, only the freshest chant from this mimir.

Barmy to the Spire: Funny things. Funny ha ha, not funny I could have sworn that was the right key for this portal, I hope we can get off Colothys soon.

Artist Mimir

Flower Powers: A collection of short stories concerning the plants of the Outlands

Planar Poetry: I am the mimir, and I’ll lann you the chant. Some of it’s screen, some mere barmy rant…

None of these have made it onto this new format yet, apologies for any broken links and definitey for my ‘design’ choices…

The Mimir’s Gallery: Being a gallery of sights and visions of the people, places and peculiarities of the planes

Conjurations and Summonings: A short tale about spell crystals

Lexicon Planareae: I’ve persuaded a few of my better travelled friends to share a few of their stories with you, cutters. But mind, keep ’em to yourselves. Never know who might be listening, right?

Rumours: Chant from the streets which may enlighten, amuse or inspire you

Inspirations: Books and Music
Even I have to admit I have no idea what I was thinking with those backgrounds… wow.

Planescape Fiction Archive: Not part of the original mimir site but I uncovered it while searching for my old content. The ‘On the Wings of Mephits’ site by Ken Lipka was amazing and needs preserving; I’ll incorporate what I can here in due course. In the meantime, please enjoy this archive!

Et Voilá!

About the Mimir

Contact me: Get in touch, private-like. Or just leave a message on any page you like.

FAQ: Learn the answers to the questions most commonly posed by primes, planars and even planewalkers.

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See Also: Maanzecorian’s Dying Whispers (a site map for chaotic cutters)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt