The Great Guildmaster, the Money Counter. LN intermediate power of prestige, power, money, influence (He/Him)

Pantheon: Oerdian

Symbol: Two hands clutching a bag of gold

Realm: Outlands / Ringlands / The Marketplace Eternal / Seat of Luxury

Known Proxies: Inessa Novak (proxy cleric of Zilchus [she/her] / LN)

Let me tell you the chant about Zilchus, the Great Guildmaster, a deity whose realm is the almighty coin, power, and the web of commerce that binds the multiverse. He’s as Oeridian as they come, and is usually depicted as a blood in fine garb, plain in looks but dripping with wealth. 

Now, Zilchus, he’s not one for dallying in petty trifles like jink; his eyes are set on the bigger prize—influence, deals, and the flow of gold itself. His philosophy? Desire for dosh might drive a man, but mastering that desire in oneself while exploiting it in others; that’s where true power lies. According to the teachings of Zilchus, everything, be it politics or war, is just another form of trade, each with its own currency.

His clerics are a hard-nosed lot, ruthless in the cutthroat world of business, often seen as cold-hearted by those who don’t understand the stakes. They’re the movers and shakers behind guilds, caravans, and the cutters who burn the proverbial incense in the smoke-filled corridors of power, making sure their—and their deity’s—interests are well looked after. The fresh recruits might start off overseeing caravans or out-of-the-way businesses, but the ambitious ones quickly find themselves in the thick of high-stakes games, dealing with the likes of Sigil’s Golden Lord movers or the shakers of the Planar Trade Consortium.

Zilchus himself is often portrayed as a middle-aged man, smiling, with a purse of gold never far from his grasp, a symbol of his domain over wealth. But let’s not forget his flail—jewel encrusted of course—a tool to chastise those who dare to be dishonest under his watch. His priests are still the ones rulers turn to for advice, thanks to their reputation for honesty and diplomacy.

While Zilchus might be revered by the upper crust more than the common folk, his faith is widespread, especially where trade thrives and honest dealings are the currency of trust. Services in his name are lavish affairs, with incense, offerings, and sermons that speak of the virtues of wealth and influence when rightly used.

So, if you’re looking to make your mark in the world of trade, or if you’ve got an eye for the finer things in life and the ambition to match, Zilchus might just be the power to turn to. But remember, in his world, it’s not just about making coin—it’s about making coin the right way.


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