The Binder, Ogmios. NG greater/intermediate power of speech, writing, bards (He/Him)

Pantheons: Celtic (Tuatha de Danann); Faerûn

Symbol: Unfurled scroll, Celtic chalice

Realm: Outlands / Tir na Og / House of Knowledge

Known Proxies: Fial Cairbre (proxy human bard [he/him] / NG)

Oghma, known as The Binder, is a revered by the Celts as the patron of literature, music and the bardic arts, and a connoisseur of knowledge. He prefers to appear as an old, bearded man to underscore his wisdom and experience.

Oghma’s realm, the House of Knowledge in Tir na Og, is a magical place that defies expectations. Contrary to its name, it is not a building but an outdoor sanctuary of ancient oak forests, serene lakes, and a sky ablaze with dancing constellations. It’s a realm where the music of harps resonates through the woods, creating an atmosphere of serene beauty and contemplation.

Within this realm, Oghma has hidden three magical springs, each of which heal wounds and neutralise poisons. The Spring of Knowledge also grants answers to pressing questions, and for wizards, the ability to memorise more spells. The Pool of Music allows bards to weave a powerful suggestion spell into their next song, and the Spring of Poetry bestows the gift of the gab. The locations of these springs shift according to Oghma’s will.

Oghma’s moniker, “the Binder,” comes from his ability to see a creature’s true name, a power of immense significance, particularly in dealing with fiends where this knowledge can be used to bind them. Despite incurring the wrath of Druaga and displeasing the Lords of the Nine, Oghma remains undaunted, confident in his abilities to control these malevolent beings and their foul minions.

Interestingly, Oghma also holds sway on the prime-material world of Toril, where he is a member of the Faerûnian pantheon. His proxy-son, Fial Cairbre, a bard of exceptional talent, occasionally visits Toril but mainly resides in the planes. Fial’s abilities are extraordinary, his silver tongue and enchanting songs capable of raising the dead or causing the living to fall. This balance of life and death, seemingly accepted by Arawn, emphasises the profound reach of Oghma’s influence through his lineage.

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