The Plane of Courtly Love, Romance and Heroic Adventure

Planelette of the Splinterlands, lying ethically between the Outlands and Elysium

Locations in Avalon

  • Fires of Inspiration (realm of Brigid)
  • Rhiannon’s Pastures (realm of Rhiannon)
  • Po (realm of the Polynesian pantheon)

Avalon is a planelette growing at the edge of the Hinterlands, on the side of the Great Ring that’s orientated towards Elysium. As such, it’s a plane that philosophically blends goodness and neutrality, and home to petitioners who think there’s such a thing as being too moral, but would still come down on the side of good over evil.

The terrain in Avalon is mainly ocean, with island archipelagos laid out like strings of pearls in the cerulean sea. Here you’ll find medieval castles, volcanic mountains jutting out of the sea, and peaceful lagoons. Some islands are home to fearsome creatures; dragons, sea monsters, fey spirits of the sea, or rocs. The noble knights of the island realms here have their hands full defending their homes in valiant adventures and quests.

This nascent plane is becoming the Plane of Courtly Love, the tradition of chaste love between knights and noblefolk. The watchwords here are moderation, balance and honour; the cornerstones of the Knightly Code.

A few Celtic powers have established realms here: Dunatis and Nuada are frequent visitors at least, even if they don’t actually live here, and the powers Brigid and Rhiannon (an aspect of Epona) have realms on a few of the islands.

There’s also an underwater realm named Po where everyone can breathe the water like it was air. The petitioners and powers there are from the Polynesian pantheon, many of them tempramental sea gods.

Avalon is also the name of a realm in Thalassia, the fourth layer of Elysium, The Elysian Avalon also has a portal to this Avalon, too, just to really confuse planewalkers.

The gate to Avalon from the Outlands is on an island in a lake on the border of the realm of Sheela Peryroyl, in the direction of Tir na Og. The island is always clouded with mist and fog, and you really can’t even find it until you run right into it.

More information on the Planes of Cordance can be found here.

Source: Greg Jensen, Alex Roberts, Jon Winter-Holt. Canonwatch: All of the Planes of Cordance and the concept of the Splinterlands are homebrew and non-canonical. From Greg’s original conception of the Planes of Cordance as full planes between the Outlands and the Great Ring in the 1990s, I’ve toned this down a little making them planelettes budding at the edge of the Outlands, which (a) explains why they are so little known, and (b) makes them easier to ignore if you don’t want to use them.

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