Nestled spireward from Xaos in the 8th ring of the Outlands, Equinox is a haven of acceptance and diversity; a rare gem in the often harsh planes. Founded by Narina, a tiefling priestess of Mishakal, and her husband Gareth, a human warrior from Krynn, this village started as a humble orphanage for half-breeds like tieflings, aasimar, and genasi. It has since blossomed into a vibrant village community.

In Equinox, every soul finds a place. The Journey of Discovery, a rite of passage, sees adult villagers leaving to explore the planes, many returning with skills and stories to enrich their home. The village is a melting pot of unique individuals, each contributing to its charm.

Kaspar is the Mage of Equinox. He is tall with scaly, rust colored skin, prehensile tail, and small vestigial wings. Although temperamental, Kaspar is undeniably brilliant and extremely loyal to his village.

Dangas is the blacksmith, skilled in his craft and a weaponmaster. He is a tall, muscular, red skinned man with functional bat-like wings and small fangs. This quiet giant seems to be the only person able to endure Kaspar’s ceaseless harangue.

Kellian, the earth genasi farmer with nut-brown skin and dark green hair, tends to the land with a love that’s returned by every plant and creature. Her husband, Hettar, the slim six-armed weaver, creates more than just fabric; he weaves entertainment for the village’s children with his mesmerizing juggling.

Tatara, an aasimar artist with dark gray skin, long black hair and bright green eyes, captures the village’s spirit in her paintings, while Vrespa, the blind potter, shapes clay into beautiful forms, painted by Tatara.

Hemerash, the butcher with green-tinted skin, shares a love of culinary delights with Vrespa, while Grant, the bony tailor, stitches together the village’s varied fabric with his kindness.

At the heart of it all is Narina, now showing her years but as beautiful and loving as ever, and Gareth, the robust warrior, still the village’s protector.

There are other adults in the village, mostly orphans of the village. The children of the village range in age from infancy to their twenties. Everyone here is considered a child until their Journey of Discovery. Narina hopes to open similar houses throughout the planes.

Equinox is more than a village; it’s a dream made real, a testament to love, acceptance, and the belief that everyone, regardless of their origin, has something special to offer.

Source: Rick Stokes and Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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