The Steel Hills
The Steel Hills

The Steel Hills

The Steel Hills

Realm of Ulaa 

Location: Outlands / Ringlands

You’ll find the Steel Hills of Ulaa nestled snug amongst the Ringing Mountains of the Outlands. Why here, you ask, since she’s a power of law and goodness? Well it ain’t just for the view, though the Ringing Mountains would leave you speechless, with hole-pierced peaks that sing like flutes when the wind dances through ’em. No, it’s deeper than that, both metaphorically and literally.

The Steel Hills, named for their rich, metallic core, are a marvel. They ain’t just lumps of metal; they’re crafted, shaped by divine hands. Ulaa, with her sturdy hands, hammered these hills out of the raw stuff of the Outlands. Why steel, you wonder? It’s strong, enduring, and holds a special place in the heart of miners, mountaineers, and all those who respect the earth’s bones.

Beneath these hills, now that’s where the real treasure lies. Not just iron, but caverns vast and deep, ceilings vaulted and studded with gemstones that sparkle in the dim light like the stars the Outlands lacks. These gems, they’re not just pretty baubles. They’re Emotionstones, rare and powerful, sought after by magicians for enchantments. And the Brink diamonds, formed by the plane’s own tumultuous nature, sought after by soul forgers and jewellers across the planes.

But Ulaa’s realm ain’t just pretty mountains and shiny baubles. Her petitioners too, they’re as tough as the land they protect. They’re the guardians against greed and destruction, defenders of the earth’s beauty and bounty. Made up from dwarves, gnomes, humans and other denizens of the deep places, these cutters are also in an afterlife most unusual—seeing that they’re spending their time on a plane that they ultimately won’t be merging with. Chant goes Ulaa has a second realm in Mount Celestia where she spends time, and takes the petitioners who\ve shown themselves truly loyal to her. It’s unknown where this second place is; presumably hidden away deep under the slopes of Mount Celestia like Erackinor.

Something else wily Ulaa keeps quiet are the other beings she’s enlisted to defend then realm when she’s away. Stone golems, earth elementals and even the occasional mineral quasi-elemental have been seen standing watch over the passages that lead down to the best places to find gems. There are whispers that the real reason the Steel Hills were sited here is some kind of planar vortex that leads straight from the Outlands into the quasi-elemental plane of Mineral. If that’s true, this vortex is a rare beast—either winding its way through the Astral, Prime and Ethereal to reach Mineral… or even more unlikely, through the fabled Ordial plane correct to the Inner Planes. Now if that were true, well, Ulaa really would be guarding something worth hiding. But the Ordial plane, come on now, that’s just barmy flam… ain’t it?

Canonical Source: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p180, brief mention


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