Well of Urd
Well of Urd

Well of Urd

Well of Urd

Urðarbrunnr, Realm of the Norns

Right-o cutter, so you’re itching for the dark on the realm of the Norns, are ya? We’re talking about the Well of Urd, a spot cloaked in mystery and a fair bit of barmy screed too.

First off, getting there’s a trek that’d test the patience of a stone. It’s nestled deep in the Outlands, near the Ringing Mountains, but don’t you go thinking it’s a stroll through some sunny glade. 

The land around the Well, it’s a forest so thick with trees and thorns, daylight itself thinks twice about sneaking in. It’s dark, cutter, dark as the Lady’s heart. You’ll need to bring your own light, and a thick cloak to protect from the thorns. If this wasn’t barmy enough, they say that there’s also a gate here to one of the probably-not-real Cordant Planes lurking around in the thick undergrowth here too; Pangeae, I believe they call it.

Now, the grove itself is a real paradox. It’s tiny, sure, but the arcane power it packs could give Sigil a run for its jink. And the canopy overhead, so dense it’s like stepping underground. The petitioners here, they’re a gloomy lot, waiting on a word from the real Norns. Witches, hags, graeae, and they’re just the friendly ones.

The Well of Urd itself, now that’s where the action happens. It’s at the centre of it all, a well so deep and dark, peering into it might just give you a glimpse of your own fate. But heed this, cutter: most who’ve looked don’t like what they see. Mortals aren’t meant to know their ends, see? It mucks with the head something fierce.

And the Norns? If the tales are true, they’re holed up here, spinning away at fate itself. But catching sight of them is rarer than a truthful tanar’ri. The problem is there are plenty of witchy old seers here, planars and petitioners, and it’s impossible to say which if any are the real Norns. The whole place is shrouded in such secrecy, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all a bunch of bubber’s tales. It’s place of shadow and secrets, where the threads of fate are woven tight. If you’re mad enough to seek it out, remember: some doors, once opened, can’t be closed. And some truths, once known, can’t be forgotten.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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