Location: Wandering burg of the Outlands (mostly)

Skytarlin is a marvel of the Outlands; a true city on the move. Unlike the static burgs scattered across the plane that only move when the beliefs of the inhabitants drag the burg nearer another plane, Skytarlin has the ability to wander, its entire structure—including walls, streets, and buildings—shifting and traveling through the Outlands on dozens of insect legs. The architecture of Skytarlin is as eclectic as its history, woven from the myriad cultures and races it has encountered on its travels.

Ruling over this extraordinary city is a majestic tiger capable of growing up to 70 feet tall. More than just a ruler, Lord Tiger is a sagacious being, boasting an intelligent mind and proficiency in magic. The chant goes he’s originally from the Beastlands, which at least explains his speech—but how he can grow so large, that’s dark. He calls himself Lord Tiger (planar tiger fighter-wizard [he/him] / N), and frankly, who would argue?

The city’s palace is an architectural marvel in itself, with hundreds of rooms, many of which are dedicated to showcasing artwork. The palace’s operations are overseen by Astan, the head of the palace staff. An intriguing aspect of palace life is the rumoured relationship between Lord Tiger and a human waitress named Fauna, hinting at intrigue within the city’s ruling class.

His leadership is complemented by a diverse council of advisors, encompassing a wide range of alignments and perspectives, including an orc, a tiefling, a gnome, a half-elf, a human, and a kobold. This council’s varied makeup reflects Lord Tiger’s commitment to balance and diversity in governance.

  • Councillor Grosk (prime orc fighter [he/him] / Harmonium / LG)
  • Shirl (planar tiefling ranger [she/her] / Sensate / CG)
  • Tak (prime gnome illusionist [he/him] / NE)
  • Hattuk (planar half-elf priest of Thoth [he/him] / N)
  • Farl Two-Axe (petitioner human fighter [he/him] / Hands of Havoc / CE)
  • Kooma (planar kobold thief [she/her] / Heralds of Dust / LE)

Skytarlin offers a plethora of services and notable locations to its inhabitants and visitors. The city is home to various inns, such as the Inn of the Walking City, the Orc’s Gruel Inn and the Inn of the Weary Tiger, each providing unique experiences to travellers. For those in need of weaponry, the esteemed Anvil Ferrous is a weaponsmith which makes high quality swords known in many gate towns. There are three temples in Skytarlin; the House of Knowledge, a temple to Thoth and Oghma; the House of the Lightened Purse, a temple to Cyric; and the House of the Worthy, a temple to Paladine. There are shrines to dozens of powers of all kinds of faith, reflecting the diverse population of the burg.

The population of Skytarlin is as diverse as its architecture. The city is a melting pot of humans, tieflings, aasimar, and other planar races. The physical growth of the city seems to be directly tied to its population. With each new resident deciding to remain in the burg, it creaks and groans as it grows slightly larger. In this way the burg continually evolves and adapts with its changing populace.

While generally friendly and welcoming, the city has its darker aspects, with a thriving thieves’ guild operating in the shadows. Chant goes there are nearly as many thieves in Skytarlin as in Plague-Mort; which could be the reason the burg hasn’t shifted to an Upper Plane already. 

Currently, Skytarlin was last seen near Excelsior, continuing its endless journey across the planes. The city is not just a place to live or visit; it’s an ongoing journey, a dynamic community constantly exploring new territories, embracing new stories and souls… and looking for new berks to steal from.

Source: Gothenem and Jon Winter-Holt

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