Mausoleum of Chronepsis
Mausoleum of Chronepsis

Mausoleum of Chronepsis

The Mausoleum of Chronepsis

The Cavern of the Trickling Sands, the Chronepseum. Realm of Chronepsis

Location: Outlands / Ringlands and Underlands

The Mausoleum of Chronepsis is a place as mysterious as the god himself. Planewalkers sometimes call it the Chronepseum. But if I may, let’s call it by the name the dragons themselves give the realm—The Cavern of the Trickling Sands. Now there’s a name that tells a tale.

Imagine a place that whispers of ancient power and timeless vigil. The Cavern of the Trickling Sands, nestled in the heart of the Outlands near the Dwarven Realm and the Caverns of Thought, is hidden amongst ruins so old that everyone who remembered their name has died. The ancient city speaks of a bygone era of might and majesty. This is a solemn, solitary place, where the only soul you’ll find is Chronepsis himself, dwelling in a vast cave mausoleum beneath the crumbled stones.

The air in this cave is thick with the weight of eternity. Hourglasses, more than the mortal mind can fathom, fill this endless space. Each one is a delicate guardian of a lifespan, trickling sand in a silent, relentless motion that will surely mark their inevitable end. These are not just any hourglasses; they are the lifelines of every dragon across all planes and existence. At least, that’s what the theology says, and who’s to argue with the workings of a power?

The atmosphere is thick with a sense of solemnity, as if the walls of the cave themselves are bearing witness to the relentless march of time. The hourglasses are a testament to Chronepsis’ role as the arbiter of dragonkind’s fate, a responsibility he carries with the reverent silence of the grave.

Let me give you bashers a word of warning: This isn’t a place for a casual jaunt. Chronepsis is a god who prefers his solitude, and any berk foolish enough to intrude had better have a sodding good reason. Tales float around, probably just bub-addled screed, about some cutter stealing a dragon’s hourglass and using it against the beast. If that’s true, the blood had stones of steel.

The Caverns of the Trickling Sands is a realm of stark, haunting beauty. It’s a realm that doesn’t welcome petitioners or worshippers; it’s Chronepsis’ personal domain, where he rests deep underground near the Dwarven Mountain. They say the cavern goes so deep that it is actually part of the Underlands; that part of the Outlands which Pharasma herself haunts. Given Chronepsis’ role of a psychopomp of dragons, that’s not hard to believe.

Canonical Sources:

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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