The Bountiful River. NG lesser power of protection, silt, abundance, flooding [They/Them]

Pantheon: Egyptian

Symbol: Lotus plant

Realm: Outlands / Wandering

Hapi ain’t your usual godly sort; they’re depicted as a plump cutter with large breasts and a belly; a figure that shouts out fertility and abundance. They usually appear in shades of blue or green toting lotus blossoms or papyrus, symbolising the life-giving nature of rivers, especially those that flow through deserts. Sporting a jaunty pharaoh’s beard, Hapi also bridges the gap between the divine and the ruling class.

As the power of desert rivers, specifically the flooding events that keeps the surrounding lands fertile and abundant, Hapi is venerated by cutters who dwell on floodplains. Hapi is further split into additional twin aspects: Hap-Reset who represents the abundant deltas, and is the husband of Nekhbet the vulture goddess; and Hap-Meht who represents the highlands, and is married to Wadjet, the cobra goddess. You can bet that those family gatherings are interesting.

Hapi is an incredibly important power for the prosperity of cutters who live in arid places; without their bounty then many a desert burg would go the way of Pelion. As well as flooding the lands just when it’s needed, Hapi is also a great unifier in the pantheon, representing both male and female aspects, destructive floods that are also essential for life, and bringing together powers who otherwise might not see eye to eye.

Now, Hapi’s worship is a bit off the beaten path. Unlike the other bloods in the Egyptian pantheon, Hapi doesn’t really have temples of their own. Instead, their presence is felt inside the temples of other powers, through statues and reliefs, a reminder of their crucial role as unifier. Hapi’s worship also goes beyond the confines of temple walls, with practices and ceremonies carried out along the banks of the River Ma’at, especially during the crucial annual floods. Offerings are made to Hapi to ensure the delicate balance for the agricultural prosperity of the people. The best way to Hapi’s heart is through their stomach—any kind of food offering will do just fine.

In the Outlands, Hapi wanders the banks of the river Ma’at, ensuring it provides protection, abundance, and floods with silt in the right season. Without their stewardship, the dry lands of this part of the core Ringlands would quickly become uninhabitable desert. For planewalkers and adventurers traversing these parts, an encounter with Hapi or their minions—any kind of creatures of the river—might signal a turn towards prosperity and success, especially if they’re dependent on nature’s whims.

So, for those journeying through the Outlands, keep your peepers peeled for Hapi. They might just be the key to flipping your fortunes, especially if you’re in dire need of an oasis. With Hapi around, you’re looking into the heart of the river’s power, a force that’s shaped civilisations for millennia.


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