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Be the Change you Want to See

Being a Seeker is to make your ideas into reality. Simply put, Seekers are those bodies that practise visualisation and manifestation. This takes the form of designing and visualising an ideal world, then transforming their surroundings according to that vision—perhaps using raw materials, or maybe their own magical or divine powers. Through the power of visualisation and manifestation the Seeker becomes a Designer and Creator of reality—thereby emulating the divine in nature. The complementary interaction of these two core practices have quickly turned the Mind’s Eye into an unstoppable machine of progress and ingenuity. A good Seeker is imaginative, creative, disciplined and hardworking. Seekers take time out of their labours to work on their inner selves, as much as they concern themselves with external world.

The most prevalent theme in the Mind’s Eye is duality. Duality because they believe in two truths. Duality because the faction is the result of a fusion of two different philosophies. But also duality in being both an agnostic and a believer at the same time, and both a free person and a slave at the same time. How can this be possible? Let’s examine the core principles of the Mind’s Eye organisation.

Agnostic and believer

At first glance, a body might assume that the Seeker is both a free thinker and an agnostic in the way that they seem to neither confirm nor deny the existence of higher powers. The Seeker remains open to the possibility of any kind of reality, but also accepts no worldview other than their own. However a Seeker believes in a unique kind of truth—the truth of their own experiences and perceptions. But what makes Seekers a force to be reckoned with is their belief in their own potential for greatness. They believe in a concept they call the Higher Self, which is an idealised, and in some cases, pseudo-divine version of themselves. This is the first teaching of the Mind’s Eye. Factioneers learn to both love and fear their higher self, because when it speaks, it speaks demandingly. When a Seeker enters the Foundry, the main objective of their lives becomes to embody that imagined higher self in the hopes of attaining eternal progression and life everlasting.

Slave and free person

The Seeker is technically a free person because they have the opportunity to choose a craft to pursue. Once a cutter does however, they must turn themselves into a slave and give up their freedom, subjecting themselves to perfecting their craftsmanship in order to satisfy and embody the higher self. They believe that through perfecting their trade, they’ll eventually ascend to a higher state of being. It is believed that the craft is an extension of themselves, and that the artisan’s very soul is bound up with his object of creation. This is the second teaching of the Mind’s Eye. The hands of the diligent Seekers are ever at labour, producing the manifest destiny they aspire to. Each Seeker carries special tools that include the items needed to pursue their chosen craft or trade.

The ultimate goal of Seekers is to attain greatness, although the actual definition of ‘greatness’ and the best road to get there differs wildly within the faction’s coteries. This is probably the result of the Seekers’ tumultuous history. The Mind’s Eye arose when two former factions, the Believers of the Source and the Sign of One, merged their philosophies together into a new school of thought, by which individuals seek to transcend their potential and attain the boons or even the power of gods. Even still, some Seekers suspect that divinity isn’t the ultimate expression of their core beliefs, but rather a stepping stone to an unknowable state of superior being.

“There is no nobler act than creation. Anyone can break something, and many do. It is easy to destroy. But when you choose to turn something that wasn’t into something that is—that is the stuff of gods.”

— Saladryn, Factol of the Mind’s Eye

Faction Headquarters

  • The Great Foundry — The endless heat, smoke, and arcane embers of the Great Foundry shelter the Mind’s Eye. Within the halls of the foundry, thousands of Seekers gather to engage in the sacred act of craftsmanship. It is a roiling hive of zealous productivity. A bellowing furnace of creation, the Great Foundry is one of the beating hearts of planar industry. The Foundry’s products have find their way all across the planes. The sprawling complex boasts ten floors of meticulously designed workshops and forges, while the surrounding compound contains storage warehouses and mechanisms to bring in raw materials from the Ditch. Every day the foundry creates enough items to construct and fully stock a small burg, and the pollution the smoke stacks belch out into the Lower Ward would agree. There is a continuity in the manufacturing process, starting with the refinement of raw materials, followed by manufacturing the products from scratch, calibrating, testing and finally shipping them to needed locations across the multiverse.

Philosophy by Numbers

  • Duxtal — Being a Seeker with a Surprising Past, who now Toils in the Foundry to Improve Himself

Movers and Shakers

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Coteries of the Mind’s Eye

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The more important a creation is to our soul’s evolution, the more Opposition we will feel about creating it. But to yield to this Opposition deforms our spirit. It stunts us and makes us less than we are and were born to be.

— Detherk Elsfeld, Seeker

Source: Mihailo Ćulum, mimir.net

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