Tirag Thunderhooves
Tirag Thunderhooves

Tirag Thunderhooves

Tirag Thunderhooves

The Fair-Bringer, Winner-of-Rings, Hoof-Brother. NG intermediate power of brotherhood, fellowship, fair competition (He/Him)

Pantheon: Bariaur

Symbol: Clasped hands 

Realm: Outlands / The Rutting (The Ring of Champions, although frequently wanders) 

Known Proxies: Soran Fleethoof (bariaur priest proxy [He/Him] / Free League / CG); Throndas Battlehorn (bariaur priest proxy [He/Him] / Believers of the Source / LN); Xurdas Nightfleece (bariaur priest-thief [He/Him] / Free League / CN); Lyelian Dewhoof (bariaur priest proxy [She/Her] /  Believers of the Source / LN)

Tirag is the youngest and most exuberant of the bariaur pantheon and his status as an intermediate power reflects this. His sheer charisma and ever-growing following amongst the Outlands bariaur, however, seem to indicate that a change in classification cannot be long off.

The second (and first male) born of Nor’bah, it is widely whispered that he is destined for things of greatness. Some spread the chant that the great bariaur warrior Draugnian Steelhoof is the father of the “Ring-Winner”, but most folks (including the prophetess of  Nor’bah) dismiss these ravings as pure screed. 

No matter his origins, the white-wooled, golden-eyed bariaur Lord of Brotherhood is the only one of his pantheon that has left their comfortable realm in Ysgard and followed the roaming herds of Outland bariaur. For this reason alone the massive Outland herds would have flocked to his banner, but the real reason is that Tirag spends more time physically amongst his faithful than he does with the other powers in his pantheon! As far as deities go,  practices such as this are nearly unheard of. 

More often than not, Tirag manifests himself amongst his clergy, or wherever an honest contest (or a contest that needs to become honest) broils. With long flowing white woolly locks of hair and eyes that shine like two celestial halos, he is not easily missed. He always arrives with a loud clap of rolling thunder but likewise always extends an open hand and a  friendly smile to both bariaur and other races alike, unless, of course, there is an unfair competition at hand, which invokes his wrath. 

He is well liked amongst bariaur, for he cannot restrain himself from entering a friendly contest with others. It is almost as if he forgets that he is a god for a time and lets himself enjoy the mere concept of being amongst mortals, doing as mortals do. He always seems more surprised when he wins the contests than an omnipotent being really should be. Those bariaur that compete against him, in true bariaur fashion, hold no grudges against Tirag. Truly, it is more of an honour to say that one lost to the God of Skill than won against the greatest mortal that ever lived! His favorite contests, above all, are tests of drinking, brawling, and feats of speed. It is said that anytime a thunderstorm rolls across the Outlands that Tirag is no doubt in another hoof-race. 

Tirag also seems to expend much more of his divine energy in the form of maintaining proxies than most other deities. He seems to feel that being the Lord of Brotherhood requires that he touch as many as possible with his teachings of fairness and the importance of working together as brethren in all things. Currently, he maintains four proxies and has an untold number of priests and priestesses of not only bariaur, but also many dwarves, gnomes, humans and aasimar—all of which have taken a shine to Tirag’s teachings. This is yet another major difference between the Hoof-Brother and his fellow gods—most of the other bariaur deities have a hard time accepting any of the other races into their midsts, much less as clergy! Apparently, however, this does nothing to bother the Lord of Brotherhood and Fairness and has yet to harm his standing amongst the Outland herds. 

His proxies are well known for their friendliness and sharp eye for fairness in all things  and all but one can be found wandering the ‘Land, much as their Lord, Tirag. Soran Fleethoof, a bariaur born and raised on Ysgard, left his native home to follow the God of Brotherhood. Now, he maintains the Lord’s Realm, whilst he is away, wandering the Outlands and beyond. Tirag’s Realm, The Ring of Champions, is nothing more than a large arena, bounded on all sides by the tents of the wandering petitioners of the Realm, within which constant displays of skill and prowess are seen. The contests are as constant as the drinking and the revelry.

Once a year, during The Rutting, the Realm shifts and joins the other realms of the bariaur pantheon at an unknown location beyond the Hinterlands, where in a grand festival that encompasses a holy rite of all the bariaur tribes occurs. The Ring of Champions is wherein all disputes and wrong doings are settled fairly, with tests of strength and speed, and all proceedings are presided over by  not only Tirag but also his sister, Va’sha Battlefleece. 

Tirag’s other proxies, Throndas Battlehorn, Xurdas Nightfleece and Lyelian Dewhoof all spend the majority of their time roaming about the Outlands, spreading the word of their lord, Tirag Thunderhooves.  

Source: Brannon Hollingsworth

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