The Inuit Pantheon
The Inuit Pantheon

The Inuit Pantheon

The Inuit Pantheon

The Powers of the Frozen Wastes

Shared Realm: Outlands / Hinterlands

The Inuit pantheon is a tight-knit group of powers, who largely share a single realm, Adlivun, out in the wild parts of the Hinterlands. In a place as harsh as the frozen wastes, bashers have to work together and share their resources in order to survive. Embodying this ethos, by working together the Inuit pantheon have cut a unique path for the petitioners that arrive from the frozen corners of the Prime. The psychopomp Pinga gathers Inuit petitioners in the Underlands, and brings them to Adlivun. Here, the petitioners have one year to prove their souls are pure, or work and pray their way to absolve their sins. After this time they’re judged and then ferried to either paradise in Quidlivun or eternal damnation frozen in ice at the bottom of the ocean.

The Powers and Realms of the Inuit Pantheon

The Psychopomps of the Inuit Pantheon

The psychopomp ushers Pinga and Anguta guide the souls of the Inuit dead through the Underlands and on to Adlivun. Spirits must dwell in the land for one year before they are either allowed to ascend to the paradise moon realm of Quidlivun, or are dragged down to Sedna’s realm at the bottom of the ocean and frozen solid.


Godfather of the dead, the Father. N psychopomp usher of fetility and medicine (He/Him)

Anguta takes ownership of the souls once they arrive in Adlivun where they must stay for one year before being judged and moving on. After one year in Adlivun, if they have been judged as wicked, he carries them down to Sedna. If they have been good, he calls down the snow eagle heralds of Tarqeq to carry the souls to Quidlivun.


N psychopomp usher of fertility and medicine (She/Her)

Pinga dwells in an icy palace in the Underlands, gathers up and guides the souls the safe route across the thin ice sheets to Adlivun. She’s also the being that the shamans turn to for medicinal healing; it seems she may have a choice whether to take souls on to the afterlife or nudge them back to life on the Prime in their old bodies, or new ones as newborns.

Departed Inuit Powers


The Ice Mother. N greater power of creation (She/Her)

Pantheon: Inuit

Symbol: An antler

Realm: Unknown

Known Proxies: None

A’akuluujjusi is the creator power of the Inuit pantheon, at least of the animals. The legend goes that she created arctic creatures by simply throwing her clothes on the ground–although in the first version of the animals, the caribou had tusks and were aggressive, and the walrus had problems swimming with antlers on their heads. So A’akuluujjusi revised the design and now the animals are how they are supposed to be. Her work done, like many creator powers, A’akuluujjusi has now retreated from the planes into relative obscurity.


Greater power of creation, status and alignment unknown (He/Him)

Pantheon: Inuit

Symbol: Unknown

Realm: Unknown

Known Proxies: None

Legends claim that Torngarsak created the world and the snows and the other powers of the Inuit pantheon, but if he did, he’s not been around to admire his handiwork for a long time. Like A’akuluujjusi, he too has retreated from the Great Ring and into obscurity. Ancient tales say he was a bear, or a one-armed warrior.

Sources: Jon Winter-Holt. If you’re an expert in Inuit mythology and want to correct or add to anything I’ve written here, please do get in touch!

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