Gehhenom, a burg nestled in a valley a stone’s throw from Torch, is a testament to survival amid chaos. In this wasteland of burning garbage, the worst refuse of the planes accumulates, creating a landscape as harsh as it is unforgiving. Yet, amidst this desolation, a community thrives.

The inhabitants of Gehhenom are a motley crew of Lower Planar refugees – fiends skulking away from the Blood War, petitioners who’ve wriggled out of their hellish afterlives – all finding sanctuary in this unlikely place. In the midst of the smouldering waste, they’ve carved out a semblance of life, a makeshift town standing defiant against the odds.

Some say Gehhenom is an echo of Torch, or maybe its future incarnation, destined to be the next gate-town to Gehenna. Chant goes it already has a gate to Gehenna in one of the burning trash heaps. For now, though, both burgs cling stubbornly to their place in the Outlands, neither yet ready to tumble into the Fourfold Furnaces.

Adventure Hooks:

  • The Ethics of Refuge: Gehhenom, a refuge for Lower Planar refugees, faces a moral dilemma when a group of particularly malevolent fiends seeks asylum. The characters must navigate the complex ethical questions surrounding the right to sanctuary versus the safety and well-being of the community.
  • The Cycle of Renewal: The town’s precarious position on the edge of the Fourfold Furnaces leads to a prophecy that Gehhenom’s destruction is imminent, only to be reborn from its ashes. The characters are caught in the struggle to either prevent this destruction or aid in the rebirth. This hook explores themes of cyclical existence, destruction as a form of creation, and the acceptance of change.
  • The Illusion of Freedom: Lord Khulrewxes, a powerful beholder in the nearby burg of Eye of the Mountain, is manipulating the town from behind the scenes, giving an illusion of freedom while controlling every aspect of life. A group of rebels seeks the characters’ help to break free from this control. This plot delves into the nature of free will, autonomy, and the fight against oppressive forces.

Source: Chris Nichols and Jon Winter,

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