The Outer Lands, the Edge

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Beyond the ring of gate towns lie the untold mysteries of the Hinterlands. Nobody really knows for sure what they contain, for they have a nasty habit of never being the same twice. Thing is, it’s not the churning chaos of Limbo, or the ever-moving revolving discs of Mechanus; the landscape appears perfectly normal. Well—normal for the planes, that is. You could walk for years and never see the same thing twice, they say. But turn around, and within an hour or two you’re right back where you started again. Travellers have told tales of waking in a different place to where they fell asleep, or of cities there that change shape and location hourly. But they also tell of lost civilisations, uncountable riches, and weird creatures called the Strangers who have taken the concept of balance to extremes. Maybe that’s why people go out there—and why they get lost there…

Welcome to the Hinterlands

In which we venture beyond the Known and into the Impossible, courtesy of a few Brave Souls who dared the Hinterlands and won, and their tips on how to avoid Trouble if you’re Foolhardy enough to want to see it for Yourself

Locations in the Hinterlands

Planar Pathways Touching the Hinterlands

The Splinterlands

In which we explore the fraying edges of the Hinterlands

Powers of the Hinterlands

In which we discuss the myriad of Powers who lay claim to their own little patches of land, their goals and aims, and what not to say if we want to stay in their Good Books rather than the Dead Book.

Philosophy and Culture

Theories on the Hinterlands, and rumours of what lies there

Hinterlands Bestiary

In which are revealed a host of creatures native to the Plane at the Centre, and it’s explained what other denizens and visitors a cutter might meet on her travels.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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