[D&D 5e] CR9 monstrosity; [D&D 3e] CR8 magical extraplanar beast; [PF 2e] CR8 monitor beast

Imagine, if you dare, a monstrous armoured beast that looks like the consequence of a night of forbidden love between a rhino, a boar and a giant hound, with tusks sharp enough to run through the heart of any berk foolish enough to get in its way. That’s your basic kuldurath, that is.

These brutes are not your typical mounts, cutter. They’re more like living, breathing siege engines with a temper to match. Born in the shadow of the Spire, they’ve spread their cantankerous demeanor all across the Great Wheel.

Riding atop a kuldurath ain’t for the faint-hearted. It’s like straddling a thunderstorm that’s been hammered into the shape of a beast. These creatures can charge, leap, and climb with the ease of a cat prowling for its supper, all the while carrying a fully armoured rilmani knight as if they were naught but a feather. Yes cutter, the rilmani were the first to tame the brutes, with their soft words and gentle touch. Turns out the kulduraths aren’t as mindless as they look, when you treat them right they will protect their riders just as fiercely as their own kin.

And let’s not forget their tusks, eh? Sharper than a Cager’s wit and twice as deadly. They’re not just for show. A kuldurath can rip through infantry like a hot knife through butter, as I’ve seen with my own eye. And when they unleash their lightning storms? It’s like watching the raw fury of the elements being commanded by the will of these magnificent beasts.

The ferrumach rilmani knew what they were doing when they chose these beasts as their steeds. On the battlefield, these creatures are hard to equal. To see a regiment of ferrumach kuldurath knights charging is a terrifying sight for sure, and almost beautiful in its raw ferocity.

Just a bit of advice, though. If you ever find yourself facing down one of these behemoths, best to step aside, cutter. No sense in ending your tale beneath the hooves and horns of a creature born from the essence of the Spire itself.


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